Jesse’s girl Matte Finish Lip Color Review

Hi guys

Near the beginning of my Ipsy love affair I had received a nude liquid matte lip color from The Balm, and I fell in love with it.  The only problem I have is, it was a sample size and I’ve run out. When I looked online it was $17.00, which is a bit out of my price range.  Also it doesn’t help that it’s not easily accessible.

So I have been wanting, and searching for at least something similar. But I went to Rite aid, looking for shampoo and conditioner,  and I may have wondered past the shampoo section to the makeup. I found a Jesse’s Girl   Matte Finish Lip Color in Angelic which is a very similar shade so I bought it.

Now I don’t normally like Jesse’s Girl’s lip products, they’ve got a weird waxy  like scent and I just don’t like them.  I love their eyeshadows just not the lip stuff. I’ve tried all of their different lip products, and I not liked any of them.  This one is different though, it doesn’t have that strong waxy scent/taste to it. It is a bit drying, but not too bad.  I am so happy with this product. The color is a bit more Pink then “committed” by the balm, and the formula is a bit thinner but it dries just the same.  The color lasts for hours too.  I’ve never been so excited over a lipstick, is that weird. I love the color, the texture, and the price.  It might be my new favorite lip product. 

Matte lipstick’s are my favorite.  I like that you can’t really feel that there is anything on your lips, and it has the added bonus that you’re hair doesn’t get stuck anytime the wind blows.  I could do with out the dryness though.  But if you’re looking for  a good Matte Liquid Lip Color you should definitely try this.  Even if you’re not a fan of the other lip products from Jesse’s Girl, give this a try.