Kids do my Makeup

This week there has been a lot of snow days at school. So I thought I would take advantage of them by being a bit more lazy in the mornings and not getting my makeup done right away, I’ve just been putting it off till nap time really.  Well the other day, I thought we’d skip naps since if there was school Sharon wouldn’t get a nap anyway, and she’d been extra well behaved that morning so I wasn’t sure she needed a nap. So when I pulled out my makeup I thought I’d let the girls give it a try.  Sharon’s only 4 but Taylor’s 10, and they’d both sat and watched me put makeup on many times. For the most part they know what brushes go where and in what makeup palette. So it’ll turn out just fine, right?

So I think it’s safe to say that the girls had a great time with this.

Taylor sort of knows what she’s doing, to be honest she’s probably better then I was at her age. She ran into a little bit of trouble with contouring, so she went back over with more foundation to blend and I think that went ok. For a blush, contour she used  Tanya Burr Cosmetics Rosy cheek palette, and highlight the Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow palette.   Then she moved on to my eyes, and used the red, and black from a NYX Sex Bomb eye palette,(she calls it “the one with the weird name”) and for mascara she used Pixel Triple Boost mascara On my lips Rimmel London Lasting Finish in 30 (which is her favorite of my lipsticks) Also it’s not kiss proof so do be careful you don’t get it on anything it’s not meant to be on.  Like your cat- sorry Tigre.  It’s been three days and he’s still got a pink spot.

Also can I just say that when she asked me what the beauty complexion sponge was for that’s not what I meant by “you dab”… (the picture on the bottom right corner.)

Sharon just went crazy with a Wet n Wild bright color palette and blended all of the colors from the lash line to the brow bone.  And then used some to fill in my brows aswell. I bet that’s going to be a new trend of 2o17 Green Eyebrows.  You know up until now everyone has always gone for a natural color brow, so I think this year we’re going to start seeing vibrant colors.  No? She also used the Tanya Burr Rosy Cheek pallet to contour, but Nyx for blush.  And she used the same rimmel London lasting finish 30 lipstick that taylor did.  Now it’s safe to say that she needs to work on her blending techniques, but other than that she did a great job.  For mascara she used Pixel Triple Boost mascara

They had so much fun doing my makeup for me, and I love putting it on them.

It’s funny to see which products they get excited over.  They Love the Tanya Burr Cosmetics, I’ve let them watch some of her makeup tutorials, because I know that those are safe.  I mean you see some and there is too much swearing, which tells me it’s not for children.  Sharon Loves Tanya’s Matte Lip Color (I have rhubarb and custard) She calls it the “Tiny Bear” Lipstick which makes me laugh.  Taylor also Loves the Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow palette.

This is definitely an experience.  Having two very young girls attempting to put makeup on you.  I struggled having my makeup done in a salon, I don’t like having hands coming at my face.  I was super flinchy (don’t think that’s a word) and almost every time they came at me with a brush or mascara wand I would back away.  But it was fun, I had fun.

So tell me have you ever let a child do your makeup for you?  Or have you had anyone do your makeup for that matter? Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon.  Bye.