Kids do my Makeup.

Yep it’s exactly how it sounds,  let two of the girls I babysit do my makeup.

One of the things they like to do when they’re home early or if they don’t have school, is make up.  Normally I just do theirs, because I’ve always already got it done.  However all I had on yesterday was foundation and a bit of bronzer so they were able to do mine too.

So I poured all of my makeup and brushes out onto the table and let them go.
Kids do my makeup 1

I let each girl do one side of my face.  You can see that on the right side she tried and did her best with a light eye shadow and small amount of blush.   However on the left side, she let her creativity go wild.  And she really liked the eye shadow, with red on my eyes she blended it in to fill in my brows, then a magenta and dark brown eye shadows on the rest of my face.

Now the little one, (right side) knows which brush goes where.  and I’m pretty sure she knows which makeup goes on which brush.  She used to watch me do my makeup all of the time,  she’s even put it on me too, but this time she just wanted to put it wherever she wanted.

So my hair is a frizzy mess as it was raining so the kids and I were out side playing in.  It was also the last day of school for the big girls.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do now that I am not going back and fourth to the school three times a day, and more if Taylor needed her inhaler or something.