Labor Day weekend

Camping has become our end of summer/Labor Day weekend family vacation.  We’ve gone the last two years and have plans to go next year as well.

While I do enjoy spending time with my family camping takes me so far out of my comfort zone.

I am very much a home comforts kind of person so much so I struggle to sleep anywhere that’s not my house.  So to help with that I brought three of my blankets (I sleep with about 6 on my bed). Another thing is that I need a shower.  I am a person who showers, and washes my hair daily. So as long I wakeup up early enough I can get in to the bathrooms and get a shower.  I’ve had to wake up between 6-6:30, any later and there’s people waiting or icy cold water.  Then to add to it, there is no where to be alone. I mean the tent we have can be split into two rooms, so when I went to bed, and before every one woke up I was alone in my tent.  Also we didn’t have any kinds of lights, aside from little flash lights, which I struggle with.  But despite all of the ways camping is a bit of a struggle for me, I still look forward to going every year.

Friday, I took the day off, aside from a meeting at the church, and when we got there in the evening we just kind of set up (well my brother-in-law set up our tent for us.)

Saturday we went to a couple of waterfalls, which in theory I should know better as you almost always have to go high to see them, and if you really want a good view you need to jump the fence and climb higher.  And I go too, every time knowing that my anxieties can’t handle it.   Then you have the added crowds that follow all touristy spots which my anxiety also struggles with.  Then we stopped at one on the side of the highway and decided to climb the side to get to the top.  Climbing up it was easy breezy, I mean there was a lot of squishy mud at the beginning but I we made it with minimal mess and I was able to rinse it off at the top. We followed the stream a bit, the trip back down was not as easy as there weren’t any steps or anything, also my issues with heights are all intensified on the way but we all made it down safely.  The only difficulty was nearly loosing a shoe in the mud. We got back in time for my other sister, and her boyfriend to come up.  Then my sisters, the guys, and taylor went fishing.

Sunday, we were going to go kayaking, and then hike up to see pictured rocks.  To get to the kidding trail we had to kayak two lakes and a channel.  I let my sister take my Kayak since it had more support for her pregnant self, and the extra kayak didn’t have a back rest. so we make it through one lake and the channel, stopped for lunch and headed back out.  Except by then the wind picked up and it was super wavy, so the kayaks were quite tippy so I stayed shallow, only the only way to balance and brace myself, in the kayak was really painful on my hip, I decided to get out of the kayak and walk since  I was shallow enough.  I thought I was just being fussy, from the build up anxieties, and hip pain from yesterday’s hiking, and todays attempt at balancing, until I saw that every one else had gotten out to walk too.  We got to the trail, and hiked about a mile to see Pictured Rock. But when we got there it was so far from the beach we were at that all we could see was a shadow.  The beach however was beautiful, there was no one down there, and Lake Superior was so clear,  and full of smooth stones, which I didn’t mind.  I think I might like that beach more then the one by my house.  The walk back was fine, I was in tons of pain, and my anxiety was getting worse and worse from walking by steep hills (heights and all) and I was beyond slow.  the kayak trip home was a bit easier as the waves had gone down, and paddling was so much easier than walking. Then some more hanging out by the fire.

Then Monday it was time to pack up and head home.  Which After putting my stuff in the car, I got out of packing the rest up, by taking the kids to the pool.  Then we got lunch, said goodbye and went home…

Even though these kinds of trips are very hard for me, I still love going, and have a great time.  I think the fun I have spending time with my family is worth the hip pain and anxiety.  I just wish that I would remember to take more pictures.  I just don’t do it when I’m feeling anxious, then later I realize and regret not taking any.

Here are a few pictures that I either took or was in

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