Last minute Halloween Costume

One of the bars in town put on a Halloween scavenger hunt. You get into teams and have a group themed costume.  I wasn’t going to go.  Ashley asked me a few days before and I told her no.  Only because I wanted an easy weekend.  But Friday night I was told that she needed one more person and she already bought the T-shirt for my costume.  So Friday night my mom, Ash and I had to sit down and make the costumes.

carebear-2Care bears, were the perfect last minute group costumes.  All you need is some white felt, colored t-shirts, headbands, foam, and paint.

So what we did was cut the felt into a circle for the bear’s belly, and painted the image  for the bears. So since I was being Cheer bear, I painted a rainbow on the felt, Then glued it onto a pink shirt.  I then cut the foam into two circles, and glued them in half around the headband to make the ears.   We just wore them with jeans.

care-bear-lookFor my makeup I started with the wet-n-wild color correcting palette, and used the white as an eye shadow base.  Then I took my PixelI used the pro eye shadow in Loving pink all over my eyes. Then I took “Matt Kumar” from the balms Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette and blended it through my crease and lower lash line.  After that I used Pink Heart from the Moonchild palette on the inner corner, and for Highlight. I finished off with a liquid liner and mascara from Max Factor X.  I Used The Tanya Burr Rosy Cheek Palette for blush and contour. I also used her Perfect Brows kit to fill in my brows.  For my nose I drew a heart using Tanya Burr’s Matte Lip color in Rhubarb and Custard, then I applied it on my lips too.

Side note, last week I lost this lipstick, and I spent the whole week being annoyed with my self.  Then I found it and I was so happy! And I lost it again 10 minutes later.  I was even more upset.  When I had decided I had to order a new one, I found it again.  I had gone into the closet with the bowls (yes we keep them in a closet)  I stuck it in the organizer thing where the lids are, and left it.  So it was a weird place to find lipstick.

What are your Halloween plans?  Are you going to a party? Taking kids Trick or Treating? or Passing out candy?  What ever you’re doing are you dressing up, and what are you going to be?