Lavender oil

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety. I was trying to get my mom to pull me out of school so I could be homeschooled, when she brought it up to my doctor, who had me come in, and then put me on anti-depressants. I am not and have never been depressed, just anxious. But I guess, the same medications works. The problem is, I didn’t like the way the medications made me feel, the first one I tried, made me feel fuzzy, the second made my stomach hurt, and feel weird, and the third caused the panic attacks to be worse.

What I had found that does help is Lavender oil. When I first started hearing about essential oils I was super skeptical, I didn’t understand how it could possibly work. But after a while reading about it I decided to try it. So I went out and bought some.

I had searched on Pinterest and found tons of ways to use the lavender oil. I mostly just put a couple drops into some cocoa butter lotion, and wear it like that. I also have a necklace with a plastic heart that I glued some fleece to the back of and I put a drop on the fleece. Before I had gotten the necklace I used to put some on my hands and running it through my hair before I blow dry it.

The lavender oil hasn’t cured my anxiety. It’s more like if you 10 anxious voices yelling at you all of the time, now 5 of them are distracted smelling flowers. I did still feel anxious, all of the time, but I could sleep with the lights off, and I could push my self further with things that are difficult.

It definitely works best if you use it consistently.

***Please note that I am not suggesting you should take your self off any medication, talk to your Doctor first.
Also if you are experiencing panic or anxiety attacks please talk to someone, a friend, parent or doctor.