Every body has limits, and it’s beyond frustrating when you reach them.
Limited When I was 13 I had started having hip pains.  We thought it was just clumsiness, as I walked into everything that was hip height, desks, file cabinets, walls…  So we assumed it was bruised or something.  Over the next several years the pain would come and go, but I had never really thought much into it.  When I was about 20 the pain became constant, and after about 2 weeks of complaining, my mom had told me to tell the doctor when I went back.  My doctor sent me to a bone and joint doctor who moved my leg a bit, and told me that she’s pretty sure I have a “Hip impingement” and needed surgery, and then sent me to see a specialist.
The link will take you to web md to tell you what it is.
Limited 2
The recovery was quick, I was walking with out crutches after about a week and back to working at a daycare in two. I did have a massive brace that I had to wear for about 2 months. I was pain free for a few months, then I fell on the stairs, and pain was back.  Most of the time the pain’s not terrible, but I can’t handle sitting for a long time, a ton of walking, or anything that causes a lot of strain on my hip.

If I’ve put a lot of strain on my hip it just kind of stops working.  I walk super slow, and lifting my leg is near impossible.  I try to not let it stop me though.  I will still go shopping for hours or walk around all day, and just laugh at myself when I can manage to get in the car because my hip refuses to let me lift my leg to get it into the car.  So when my sister suggested we sign up for a zumba class I was excited for it, despite my lac of coordination.

The first class was alright I was able to push through the pain and I keep up with every one else, but yesterday, I found that I couldn’t get my hip to move the way I wanted it to.  We did the same songs, same moves, but I just couldn’t keep up.  My leg couldn’t go fast enough,  I couldn’t keep in the squat, and then I just couldn’t get up.  When we got to a new song she said that there was a lot of high knees, I couldn’t take it and I left.  Only for that song I pretended to go to the bathroom, if I would have stayed and tried for that song, I would have gotten too frustrated, and not come back next week.  I will go back next week.

The one thing that I should have done, and will do next time is bring “Past Tense”.  Past Tense is an essential Oil blend  from do Terra  in a roller ball tube that helps with pain.  When I first used it I was surprised at how well it worked, it was like instant pain relief.  I was using Icy-Hot, but there it says on the back not to use it more then I think 6 times a day,  I was using it that much before lunch time.   Past Tense is a blend of all natural essential oils, so you can use it as often as you need to.  Pastense image