Lost Cats and Cheerleading

This week, last week? It’s been a bit chaotic this past week. It always is with a busy toddler. I have also had to make sure to be outside for the bus on time. which I hadn’t had to do in so long. We make it with an exception of Monday. For the rest of the week I had made sure that we were out side 15-20 minutes early.  The bus garage still never called me back to confirm what time the bus is meant to come, so that’s annoying.  However after Monday we make it to the bus just fine.

Nothing real exciting happened this week. But Friday when we were waiting for the bus we met a kitten. He was so friendly, he came right up so naturally I cuddled him a bit. If you fllow me on Instagram my whole story was all about him.  He managed to get inside twice.  Once when we went inside, which I quickly put him back out, I tried giving him food so that we can make it in with out him (it didn’t work).  The second time, was with a parent.  I opened the door and he is brought in.  They thought it was one of my cats,  he looked like he could have been mine with the way he was meowing at the door.  If he  had been a girl cat, or if Maizy couldn’t have kittens I would have brought him inside and kept him for ever.  He managed  to find us from at the back door and stayed out there all day.  He was plotting a home invasion.  He did find his way home though, someone caught him in a live trap and put him on fb and his owners were found.   Lesson of the day, don’t cuddle a stray cat… J/K cuddle all of the cats.cat

Then our school was having a “spirit hall” dedication and they invited the 5/6 grade team to play football during halftime of the varsity game, so our girls got to cheer.  They were so excited to cheer at a crowded game, with all of their friends there.  They definitely weren’t used to having the band playing too as they struggled to hear each other setting the cheers and what cheer they were doing, but they got it figured out and did an amazing job.  They even got to cheer with the varsity girls.cheerleading

Saturday the 5/6 grade had a game, I am so proud of how well they did.  The girls were even able to stunt. Which they love.  After the game we went out to Panera Bread for lunch, and did a little bit of shopping. Very little we went to Sam’s Club, I need to start getting snacks from there so that I can have tons stocked up and not have to worry about them.  Then to Meijer.  I had gotten jeans from there not that long ago, and I was going to get more.  I never don’t wear jeans much they just don’t seem to fit right and since I spend my days at home with toddlers it’s just easier to wear yoga pants.  Too bad I didn’t find anything except the one that I already have.  So no new jeans for me 🙁

Sunday was the game for the 3&4 grade.  I ended up the first half of the game coaching alone, as Ash had gone out of town that day.  And the Other coach was waiting for and talking to one of our girl’s dad. While I was fixing her hair I found knits in her hair.  There were no bugs, but still I’ve been paranoid ever since.  So when I got home I washed my hair with tea-tree oil, then put a hair mask in my hair and loaded it with tea-tree oil.  Tea-tree oil is good for preventing head lice.   So after school I get Taylor from school I need to stop and get some hairspray, the spray kind and I am going to add some tee-tree oil in that too.  To keep it out of Tay’s hair.  Luckily if Taylor does get exposed we’ve got an electric bug zapping come that will kill it all.

Well nap times over, so it’s time to go… How have you guys been?  Anything new or exciting?