March goals

Hi there. So I realize that I hadn’t posted anything since my February goals. I don’t have any real excuse either. I just kind of flopped. I don’t love that it happed but I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to start again. With that being said I thought I should go over my March goals.

Focus on self care

March goal self care

I used to be pretty good with this. At least once a week I made time for a warm bath with a hair mask and face mask all of it. For the last 6 months after work I would either have a game or practice and that was it. I’ve been to busy to care but now cheerleading is over. Don’t get me wrong I love cheerleading and I love that I get to coach such amazing girls. They’ve got so much potential it’s unreal. I need to start forcing my self to unwind and destress. I have a much harder time trying to focus and write when I let my stress build up

Clear out Facebook

March goals Facebook

Ok so I don’t spend a lot do time on Facebook anyway. I find it too overwhelming. I mostly want to clear out the groups. When I get the urge to try and grow my blog, YouTube or any other social media sites I jump in and join all of the groups. I don’t like them. I’d like to go through and leave all of them. Well maybe I’ll keep one. Not just blogging groups all of the groups.

Get back to blogging

March goals blogging

I’m refocusing on the goal of writing 2-3 blog posts a week. But I want to be more um, prepared. I’d like to dedicate one day to just writing and getting photos ready. Now that cheer is over I should have more time to write and edit photos.

Those are my goals for this month. Please tell me in the comments what is something you’d like to achieve this month?