Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Brush review

Hey guys,

This past weekend was Sharons birthday party, and I had forgot to order her present online. Which is really annoying because I had it planned three months ago.  Any way I went to Walmart to get her a present,  and like I said last week I am awful and wondering off in a store.  I mean I’m pretty easy to find just check the makeup section.  While I was wondering around some new makeup brushes caught my eye.

If you’ve ever looked through the beauty tag on Instagram you’ll see that most of the beauty gurus are using oval brushes, instead of the traditional ones, and I’ve been dying to try them.  The problem is they’re really expensive.  However Royal and Langnickle have created some and they’re actually affordable.  I have a couple of their other brushes and I really like them, so I trusted them to not be poor quality.

Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting brushes are amazing.  First off, they’re so pretty.  I love the blue and purple together.  Not only are they pretty, but they are so soft, they felt so nice on my skin. They’re dense too, that way they don’t absorb makeup in to the brush.  These work best with creams, or liquids.  They blended my makeup, flawlessly and didn’t leave any kind of brush strokes behind.  Because, I’ll admit occasionally my foundation gets a bit streaky and no one wants that.

Over all I really like these brushes. But they are kind of difficult to clean, because of the shape even if the makeup didn’t absorb all of the way to the center of the bushes.  Also I don’t suggest using them with powder.  I did, and I really felt like it didn’t blend well, or at all.  Also using when using the foundation (the large brush) I didn’t like how it felt a bit… um… bendy (not really sure how else to explain it) Like i was afraid that it would break.

I definitely think you should give these a try.  Especially if you’re anything like me, and are as impressionable as a toddler. And have been seeing all of the other beauty instagram accounts using similar brushes. And you just want to fit in (with the instagram beauty community… not in general)

Have you tried these brushes? what did you think about them?