Mug Brownies

Hey guys,

I can’t cook.  I mean, I can, but just enough to feed toddlers lunch. I am great at PB&J picnic lunches. I do like to bake though. The only problem is that most of the time I end up with too many treats and they get wasted.  I do usually feed them to the kids, and I cut a lot of recipes in half.  However now I’ve found the perfect treat, just for one.

The best part about these brownies, is it’s all basic ingredients that I keep in the house anyway. Well I guess to be fair I don’t always have cocoa powder. Another great thing about this is that from start to finish it probably takes about five minutes. It’s so easy I let the kiddos make them for themselves. Which one of the little ones did prefer to eat the batter instead of waiting for it to be microwaved (there is no egg so it was totally safe.) Any way lets get started. The first thing you need to do is to pick out your favorite microwave safe coffee mug, and melt the butter.  If you want to keep the brownie from sticking to the side of the cup I tipped the cup so the butter coats the walls of the cup. Then add everything else and stir it up real well till everything is mixed together. Then pop it into the microwave for 60 seconds, Then let it cool and enjoy.

You can do all kinds of things with recipe. I added some of the Andies mints, because mint and chocolate is the best.  When I made them with the kids we added Mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.  You could Even turn these into great gifts. You could fill a sandwich bag with the all of the dry ingredients, a put it in the perfect mug, and tie a note with the wet ingredients telling them how to finish on it. 

I loved making this mostly because it’s so quick and simple. I don’t love chocolate, when I want something sweet I usually go for candy, but these brownies taste amazing. The best part, is I don’t have to throw any away.

I think you should definitely try making these and let me know what you think.