My Favorite makeup look for the week

The post of different makeup looks seem to be what you guys want to see so I am back with the one I’ve been doing this week. I’m a very habitual type of person, so I tend to do the same thing everyday. My makeup isn’t much different. This week keep reaching for the same purple eye shadows.

So I started with Rimmel London Primer, and foundation, and the Kate sculpting palette.

Then on the inner corner I used maybeline Expert Wear eyeshadow in champagne fizz . For the base color I used Baby Pop in Purple Rain from L.A. Colors, and in the crease and outer corner I used Baby Pop in Wine Shimmer also from L.A. Colors (I got them two for a dollar at Dollar General)and blended them. Cream eyeliner in Black from E.L.F.  Then Wet n Wild Max fanatic mascara.


Xo johnnielynn


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