New Years Resolutions

We’ve all head the new year new me nonsense. Well maybe it’s not nonsense, maybe it’s just a good excuse to make some life changes. Either way, I’ve never jumped on board with new years resolutions. Until this year but for my blog and this online community.

I understand that I had let my blog go a lot this past summmer and fall. I regretfully let my anxiety take over, and prevent me from writing. This is the one place that I can fully be myself and I let it go, and for that my friends -we are friends right?- I am sorry. So for the sake of my blog and online community I have set myself some “New Years Resolutions”.

Write 3 new blog posts a week.

That one might be a bit much. Go big or go home right? Ive got about 12 very vague post topics that way each week I can use the general suggestion to creat content around. I think I might post videos essentially reading the post that way if you know someone who could use to hear what I have to say but they don’t particularly want to read well we can share that way.

Post everyday across social media

I am so bad at social media. I love it, I always have. I’m pretty sure I have signed up for all of them. I love that it’s a ‘safe’ way to socialize. Ive always been one to hang around on the outside in a group setting, observing but not really participating. I tend to do the same on social media I delete a lot of posts before I even post them because “no one cares” and I worry that I’m irritating everyone who follows me. Though you all wouldn’t be following me if I was annoying you.

That’s all really. Just those two things. I mean maybe when I start putting more into my blog and stuff I’ll come up with more goals for myself. Please tell me in the comments do you set New Years Resolutions? How long do you keep them for? Be sure to sign up on the right to keep up with the new posts, plus it tells me that you like them!

New Years Resolution