Not Your Mothers

I’ve said it before, I am very fussy with my hair.  Not that it looks amazing all of the time, or even ever.  Last week I talked about how much I hate static.  But, do you what’s worse then static, having wet hair.  Wet hair is so much worst because it’s all year round.  Every day. Weather its just washing it, or if you go to the beach, or a pool.  Now I know, it’s not hard to blow dry your hair, but that’s so time consuming.  Then if it’s summer it’s too hot to blow dry.  When I let it air dry, it curls a bit in a weird way, and it just looks like a frizzy mess.  As much as I hate having wet hair I never wake up and give my self enough time to dry my hair, and do my makeup before I start working.

While I was at Kmart the other day I was looking for detangleing spray, They didn’t have any. What they did have was In a Heart Beat Blow Dry Accelerator.  Its a spray meant to speed up blow drying.! It will aslo detangle and soften, help to eliminate frizz, improve humidity resistance and provide thermal protection to the hair.  It sounds amazing right?

I honestly didn’t think that it would really work, but I still bought it for the thermal protection. I timed how long it took me to blow dry my hair while using this product, it was 5 minutes. Normally I take about 10. Which is amazing in it’s self, and half way through I had to switch to the low power setting, since Sharon couldn’t hear the ipad she listens to music while I finished getting ready.  Not only did it cut my blow drying time in half, but my hair looks and feels healthier as well.  Seriously this makes my mornings so much easier since I’m not spending for ever to dry my hair. It’s also one less thing to stress me out, and make me cranky.  Yes I am that shallow that wet, frizzy, and staticky hair makes me cranky.

I am really loving Not Your Mother’s brand right now, I use their leave in conditioner spray on Sharon’s hair. That and my Tangle Teezer are a dynamic duo that no amount of tangles can take on.  They are a good and affordable brand. They don’t test on animals, and are cruelty free.  I trust this brand, and will definitely keep buying their products.  I actually can’t wait to try more.

Have you ever tied anything from this brand, did you like it?

Also if you know anyone who takes too long to blow dry their hair send them this link.  They might like Not Your Mothers In a Heart Beat Blow Dry Accelorator too.