Oh so Posh Review

Posh review 6So a few weeks back my sister had an online Perfectly Posh party which I really enjoyed.  The products are made with natural ingredients, so they’re great for any skin type.  One of the girls I babysit loves and uses the sleepy stick, that helps her fall asleep. I ordered some bath Salts, a sugar lip scrub, and “big fat yummy hand crème” and I’ve since tried and loved all of it.

posh ewview 2All mixed up- The bath salts are only available in a set of 6. So I chose
Bubble up, you only need about a third of this packet, to create a nice bubbly bath.  This is an unscented bubble bath, so I like to add it in with one of the fragranced salts.
Mermaid Mix, with a  unique blend of algae, kelp, and seaweed this blend keeps skin looking timeless, ageless, and refreshed.  This also creates a ton of bubbles, and is also unscented and works great with one of the fragranced salts.
Coconut Oil Craze,  full of vitamin E, coconut oil, and rosemary extract to moisturize, replenish, energize your skin. This doesn’t have bubbles which was a bummer, but my skin felt so soft and nice. It doesn’t have a strong scent if any so this also goes great with the fragranced salts.
Amaaazing, this is made with sea salt, mint and honey. So it’s great with a bubble mix.
Sleepy Sleep, I got this one because I love the scent of lavender oil.  This salt blend is loaded with it.  It’s so relaxing and is a perfect way to end a long day.
The “it” Girl, made with grapefruit, apricot, and hint lily, use this for a sweet smelling bath.
These bath salts smell great and my skin feels great as well.

posh review 4Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème– I got this in the scent The “It” Girl, and like the bath salt is made with grapefruit, apricot, and a hint of lily giving it a subtle and sweet smell.  this hand crème feels great, it hydrates with out leaving my hands feeling greasy.  Also this is the perfect size for tossing in to a purse or just keeping on a bedside table.

posh review 3Cool lime Sugar lip scrub- I mentioned this before in I think my June Favorites post.  It’s made with sugar to exfoliate, and shea butter to moisturize.  just scrub your lips with this lime flavored scrub, then lick off (or wipe off) the left over sugar to reveal soft hydrated lips.  I struggled so much with dry flaky lips, but now after using this they’re nice and hydrated.

Over all I am loving posh and their products.  I especially love that they use all natural ingredients. You can contact Deanna to host your own party, for a fun evening  and even rewards depending on how much your friends buy.  Also they have a rewards program so make sure you sign up for perks to earn points towards free products. ( when you use my link I get points when you sign up).  

Also check out Deanna’s Facebook group/page