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A “Be-witching” Halloween look.

Hey guys! So Halloween is right around the corner, and Halloween parties are coming up.  Which means you might be needing a last minute Halloween costume. One of the easiest things to do is a Witch.  All you need is a black dress, hat, and some makeup.  So if you scroll down then you will see that I have made…

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Ipsy Look : Septemer/August

Hey guys, So I am back with another Ipsy look!  I would have expected that after a year I would no longer be extremely excited by my ipsy subscription, but nope! It’s still my favorite part of every month.  So I didn’t get around to creating a post for ipsy, or any makeup posts in like two months.  I’ve just…

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Words to live by.

Hey guys, Who doesn’t like quotes. Weather I’m reading it in a book, hearing it in a song or movie, or even scrolling through which ever social media news feed, when ever a quote sticks out I like to write them down or save them somewhere. I had a very large collection of icons with quotes on my myspace page.…

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Top Netflix Picks

Hey guys,, This summer I’ve completely embraced the lazy summer vibes, and spent a lot of my mornings cuddled up with my 5 yo bff watching Netflix.  Normally I don’t allow a lot of tv. Especially in the summer when we can go out side all day.  I’ve been so relaxed with the T.V. that our morning routine was cuddle…

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Note: This Post contains Affiliate links.   Hey guys, A few weeks ago I received a package from SmartyKats from a give-a-way from their facebook page In the package I had received their Scratch Scroll, Leapin’ Laser and Mermouse. There was also a couple of dog toys as well, but I gave those to my niece for her puppy who I…

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