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Peppermint Brownies

I can’t cook.  I mean, yes,  I can manage to make breakfast and lunch every day for the kids, but it’s a miricale if I can get them to eat anything but cereal in the mornings, and lunch is easy to cook.  However I love baking. I don’t know why I just do.  I cant tell you why I don’t mind…

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Hello again

When I first started this blog I didn’t expect but a small few people would read it. Now after two months I have 59 followers on Bloglovin. And I know that’s not a lot compared to other people, but it’s way more then I would have imagined. Any way, since there isn’t just a small few of facebook friends and…

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Top 10 App For Kids

I don’t normally let the kids I take care of play on my phone or iPad. They have each other to play with so they don’t need the electronic devices.  Plus that’s just an arguement waiting to happen.  However, occasionally I do allow them to play with it, like if there’s only one over, or if the others are asleep.…

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This has been a very long, very good weekend.  We had a great thanksgiving, then I found Sunday that I had gotten a package in the mail.  Ok It came Saturday but I am really bad at checking the mail. I had ordered makeup brushes a couple weeks ago off, and they finally came.   Ok so if you don’t know…

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Black Friday

I hope every one had a Great Thanksgiving.   Who decided that “Black Friday” should be a thing?  I don’t know whether to give them like 10 gold stars for coming up with such a brilliant idea, or to hate them for making me wake up so early, and shop for so long.  Now not only is Friday the day…

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