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Black Friday

I hope every one had a Great Thanksgiving.   Who decided that “Black Friday” should be a thing?  I don’t know whether to give them like 10 gold stars for coming up with such a brilliant idea, or to hate them for making me wake up so early, and shop for so long.  Now not only is Friday the day…

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I am thankful for…

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought I would take a minute to share what I am most thankful for. My mom– As cliche as it sounds I am so thankful for my mom and every thing she does, and has done for me. My sisters– I don’t actually know what I would do with out my sisters. I always find…

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Product Wars: Eye Primers

For the longest time I would always get frustrated with my eyeshadow because of the fact that either A) I would get a line along the crease of my eye or B) after a couple hours it would just have faded away completely. So I bought E.L.F. Shadow lock primer and that helped a lot.  It’s nice and creamy and locks the…

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Color change nail polish 

Last night I went with Ashley and Taylor (my sister and my niece) to go see The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt 2, which was AMAZING! btw. Since I had gone to the movies I couldn’t fix my nail polish that was chipped way more then my annoyance could handle, but I did it anyway. So of course after painting…

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How to prevent tantrums.

If you’ve ever spent a long period of time with a toddler then you have probably seen a tantrum. Now I know that not all kids throw tantrums, but if they do it is easily the most difficult part of the day.  I have one that would just get so frustrated she would scream, she has gotten better as she…

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