I am thankful for…

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought I would take a minute to share what I am most thankful for.

  1. My mom– As cliche as it sounds I am so thankful for my mom and every thing she does, and has done for me.
  2. My sisters– I don’t actually know what I would do with out my sisters. I always find it so strange when people don’t get along with their siblings.  I also sometimes worry that my family is oddly close.
  3. My kitties– I am way too into my cats, I would literally rather spend the evening cuddled up with my cats and a book.
  4. My job– Not just that I have one, which is enough to be thankful for, but one that I love.  I don’t mind waking up before the sun, and Monday’s are my favorite day of the week.
  5. My niece and nephew– From the day my niece was born she has been my best friend, if I ever need some one to go see a new Disney movie with she’ll always go with me.  And then my nephew, who is a sweet little ball of energy, I definitely don’t get to see him enough though.

I think I could easily sum up what I am thankful for to family. There’s my top five reasons why I am thankful this Thanksgiving leave a coment below of somethings that you are thankful and I hope you have a great, happy and safe Thanksgiving this years.
XO Johnnielynn

Product Wars: Eye Primers

For the longest time I would always get frustrated with my eyeshadow because of the fact that either A) I would get a line along the crease of my eye or B) after a couple hours it would just have faded away completely.

So I bought E.L.F. Shadow lock primer and that helped a lot.  It’s nice and creamy and locks the eyeshadow in all day.  One time I used the wrong eyeshadow color, so I tried to wipe it off. And my finger didn’t work, neither did dry tissue, I had to get it wet a scrub to remove the eyeshadow. E.L.F. Is super affordable, and you can buy it every where.

I got a sample of Jesses Girl eye primer in my Ipsy bag this month.  I was real curious to see how it worked because I was so happy with the one I had. This one worked real well, however I noticed that by the end of the day I would get that crease again, but it was very very subtle. Like you could only tell if you looked super close at my eyes. Look wise they work basically the same.  Jesses Girl is a bit more expensive, and It looks like it’s only online and in drug stores, but I’ve never noticed it anywhere

 I think E.L.F is better.  Quality wise I think they work the same, but E.L.F. is  more accessible I see them every where.  And price wise E.L.F. wins too, $2.00 is better then $5.99 

Color change nail polish 

Last night I went with Ashley and Taylor (my sister and my niece) to go see The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt 2, which was AMAZING! btw. Since I had gone to the movies I couldn’t fix my nail polish that was chipped way more then my annoyance could handle, but I did it anyway. So of course after painting my nails I went to sleep and smudged it up. So today I had to fix them again. I do this way more often do then I should.  


What I used: Del sol color change nail polish in reckless, and white nail polish 

I really like color change nail polish, I have several different bottles. All I did was paint my nails a pearly white, and then I painted thin stripes of the color change polish,  I topped it win a clear top coat and went outside to watch them turn pink.  I do think that this would be a better idea for summer time as I spend more time outside in the summer but I couldn’t come up with a fall like idea so summer type it is 😉

How to prevent tantrums.

If you’ve ever spent a long period of time with a toddler then you have probably seen a tantrum. Now I know that not all kids throw tantrums, but if they do it is easily the most difficult part of the day.  I have one that would just get so frustrated she would scream, she has gotten better as she had got older but still gets frustrated.  So about almost a year ago I went on Pinterest to look for suggestions on what to do and I came across glitter sensory bottles.  I love glitter, so I had to give it a try.

 What you need: One tube of glitter glue, an empty bottle (I used a 10 oz plastic water bottle) water and a few drops of food coloring(optional)

Starting with the empty water bottle squeeze in all of the glitter glue, then slowly fill it to the top with warm water, and add a drop or two of the food coloring. Put the lid back on and shake it up

When I notice them getting upset I tell them to sit in a corner (not the time out spot) with a little table and the glitter bottles to take a minute to calm down, and when they are ready to talk they may get up. They’ll sit and watch the glitter swirl around until it settles which takes about three minutes. Then get up and be ready to play nicely.  I actually don’t have to deal with fits and tantrums very much, anymore.

I like this method better then the letting them cry it out method because it teaches them to calm themselves rather than tire themselves out. I don’t use this if they are being sent to timeout and they throw a fit, but if they are just upset.

How do you stop tantrums? Leave a suggestion in the comments please I am always looking for new ideas.

XO Johnnielynn

Ipsy Glam bag!

Last Thursday was Ipsy day!  Which easily makes it my favorite day of the month.  It’s so exciting to come home to see the bright pink package in the mailbox.

Hey Honey facial scrub: I was quite hesitant when I first tried this because most cleansers cause me to break out. However, I decided to try it out anyway, so after the first night I was impressed. Although after a couple days I am noticing that it’s not doing very nice things for me any more, it hasn’t caused a break out yet… I probably won’t ever buy this from a store.

   Jess’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer: I had just baught an eye primer from E.L.F. So I wasn’t too excited for this eye shadow primer, but I wa curious to see how it worked. It worked okay, but the E.L.F. Eye primer worked maybe not better but just as well and at half the price. Although I was surprised to see this one has a reasonable price too. I did shop around on the site, a bit and it has a lot of reasonably priced makeup so while I’m going to stick to the E.L.F. primer as I can buy it just about anywhere instead of online, I think I would buy some of their other makeup. 

 Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: I am always looking for a good mascara.  I don’t want a natural looking mascara, I like a more dramatic mascara so I don’t really like this one. This mascara is very natural looking. So if you wanted a more at home lazy day look with out looking sick then this would be perfect.

  Sigma Beauty blending brush: I really like this blending brush. I just use it to blend my eyeshadow and smooth it all out. 
Beauté Basics navy gel liner:  I couldn’t find this eyeliner online but I like it. It took me a few tries, Pinterest and Miss. Sharon to figure out how to use it it now that I’ve figured it out I definately like how it looks and how easy it is to use.  I do prefer an angled brush (mines actually a paint brush) over the one that came with it though.  As much as I love the makeup I think I was most excited for the bag that it came in, i think this months bag is better then the other three months that I’ve gotten already. 

If you want makeup, beauty products, and nice little bags delivered to you then sign up for the Ipsy Glambag Here!