Fall, lifestyle


There are so many people who absolutely love fall, I am not one of those people.  I prefer summer, I love the heat, the sun and the beach.  So here are the main five reasons why I don’t like fall.

  1. It gets cold. Well most annoyingly my hands get so cold, and it’s so much more then annoying.  Luckily my sister had gotten me a hand sized heating pad for Christmas a few years back, it is probably still one of the best gifts I had ever gotten.
  2. Dry itchy skin. I don’t know why but I get so itchy this time of year.  It might have something to do with having sensitive skin, and constantly washing my hands.  They get so cold I will use any excuse to sit with them under the warm water.
  3. My hair gets so full of static.  It drives me crazy, when you can feel that it’s sticking to you shirt or in your face, I just can’t handle it. No amount of hairspray can stop it, also rubbing dryer sheets in my hair because they reduce static will not actually work
  4. It’s so gloomy, although today the sun was shining most days it’s buried behind the clouds.  And there are so many clouds in the sky that you can’t even find the shapes in them they all just look like cotton candy, or mashed potatoes.
  5. Night is so long.

So to be fair, I thought that I would look at a few things that I like about fall.

  1. Sweater weather, I love wearing loose hoodies. And a sweater dress and leggings are basically pajamas in disguise.
  2. Boots I like boots they both look nice and double as pocket. I stick my phone, lipgloss, cash, any thing that can be kept in your pocket
  3. Warm drinks. It’s finally weather appropriate to drink hot cocoa, coffee, and even tea. I don’t drink warm drinks in the summer, because it’s too hot, just like I won’t eat ice cream unless it’s summer because it’s too cold
  4. Blankets. It finally gets cold enough to cuddle up under blankets. My favorite right now are the “no sew fleece blankets I have four on my bed right.
  5. The colors are so pretty, all of the trees start to change from green to bright red, yellow and even brown