Pixel cosmetics Review/look.

I don’t like trying new things. I am very much a creature of habit. When I went to Kmart for more foundation I headed straight to my normal brand, but I noticed a new brand of makeup. I saw that it was enriched withdifferent natural ingredients so I had to try it. And if you’re following me on Instagram you might remember that I got carried away and got so much more than I needed (if you’re not you can follow me Here.)

So   this  will be part makeup look, part haul part review. This brand is quite new, but I really like them.

To start I buffed in their Triple books gel foundation. I really like this lightweight foundation.  It’s a gel formula and it’s super easy to buff right into my skin giving me a very natural finish.  With other foundations I feel like I need a ton of powder to set it and not feel wet, but not with this.  Plus it has excellent coverage.

Then on to my eyes,  I used the pro eye shadow in Loving pink for all over my eyelids. In the crease I used “Matt Kumar” from the balms Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette.  So the eyeshadow is so light and pretty.  And the coolest thing about it is that the applicator thing is attached to the lid, so you can’t loose it.  I think I got way too excited when I saw that… I don’t even Use the applicator things, but I thought it was a great idea. ( I’m so easily excitable)

I used Party proof liquid eyeliner for my lash line. It’s a matte black eyeliner pen, only instead of a felt tip like most eyeliner pens this one is more of a brush.  It’s so easy to use and stays put. Also unlike every liquid liner I’ve ever used it didn’t get in my eyes.  Then I just used a black pencil liner for my water lines.

After I was this far with my eyes I moved on to concealer.  I’ve looked and looked for a concealer with good coverage, but every one I tried was either too thin or too thick.  This one works great!

I used my Seraphine botanicals blush,  then used the Triple Boost Matte Powder to set the rest of my makeup. This powder works great… It kept me shine free, and kept my makeup in place all day.  The compact comes with a great big mirror to which makes my life so much easier.

I always wait till after powder for mascara.  I’m not sure why, I just do.  I used the Triple Boost Mascara.  It’s meant to volumizie, lengthen, and condition your lashes.  I think it doesn’t what it says, when i use it my lashes definitely look longer.  I love the way this mascara makes my eyelashes look, and I haven’t had and clumping issues.

On my lips I’m wearing a Tarte lipsurgence in charmed. I am a bit annoyed that I forgot to go back for a lipstick Togo with the rest of the look.

Over all I’m really loving this brand. They work great, such great quality, and at an affordable price.  I love that they’re enriched with natural ingredients. The “face” stuff is enriched with papaya, apple, and pomegranate.  And the Mascara has orange and ylang ylang. So next time you’re looking for new makeup you should check them out.