Product Review: Julie G Nail Color

I was in Rite aid Last week to get more Burts bee’s facial cleansing wipe, when I saw a buy one get one 50% off ticket next to the nail polish.  So I decided to pick some up.

I chose the colors, Southwest Sunset and Gel Effect Plumping Top coat, by Julie G.  Julie G is a nail polish brand sold by Jesse’s Girl cosmetics.Julie G Nail polish

Southwest Sunset is a subtle coppery color, it’s a great color for summer.  The Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat is a clear very shiney top coat.

I Love the Effect of the top coat.  I’ve been looking and looking for a top coat that has this much shine.  The shine of this is amazing.  I’ve spent a good amount of this week looking at my nails, admiring how gorgeous the shine is.  They even last too.  I had my nails painted for a week before having to remove and redo.  They did chip a bit, but I’d imagine after adding oil to my care and being subjected to sunscreen, lake water beach sand and just being out in the woods, I would imagine that they would chip a bit.  I was actually a bit surprised that they did last.

Another great thing about this nailpolish is that it dries so quickly.  As soon as I finished my left hand my right was ready for a second coat.  Which, if you’re anything like me, is a miracle.  I never can seem to sit still long enough for them to fully dry.  Nail polish

I feel as if this is the best nail polish for some one like me. I change my nail polish so often, so I am glad that you get such great quality for a great price.

What’s your favorite nail polish color/brand? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Xo Johnnielynn