Product Review: Maybelline Primer and Setting Powder

Maybelline ReviewI needed primer last week.  Since I didn’t want to go all of the way out to walmart so instead I went to rite aid.  They didn’t have what I wanted, so I was going to leave.  Luckily Maybelline was running a buy one get one 50% off sale. So I bought Facestudio® Master Prime® Blur + Redness Control, and Setting and perfecting loose powder.  I am so glad I did.

Maybelline review 1So recently I discovered color correcting. It’s like going into photoshop, and clicking the “spot heal” button.  My face has always been kind of red, and since the other day I strayed from my normal skincare routine I had broken out, and been a bit more blotchy. So I bought Facestudio® Master Prime® Blur+ Redness Control a green tinted on to counter some of the redness.  I still used a color correcting palette for blemishes but the blotchy redness was taken care of by this primer.  Like all primers this created an amazing base for my foundation allowing me to create an illusion of nearly flawless skin.

Maybelline review 3I also grabbed the Facestudio® Master Fix™ Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder.  I’m loving this powder.  It’s a very lightweight fine powder that mattifies, blurs and smoothes creating a soft-focus effect while it sets makeup.  After applying all of my makeup, I brush this around my face.  I definitely would suggest using this before applying mascara as when I forgot, and put it on after, you could see the white powder on my lashes.  It didn’t do it on the rest of my skin, so that’s good.  Also it’s probably best to do it before you do your lips aswell.

Overall I am extremely happy with these products.  and I would definitely recommend trying them.

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