Product Review| Pet Magasin Pet Travel Carrier*

When it comes to my cats there are about three things I can be sure of. One, Maizy will be waiting out side the bathroom door for me.  Two, Tigre will expect Cuddles as soon as I sit down.  The third, is thanks to the Pet Magasin pet carrier, they will be safe when we travel

Before, when I’d taken my cats to the vet I just put them on a leash and then in a thirty-one bag. Which I’m always very nervous about because it’s not secure so they could escape at anytime.  With the type collars that they have, if they pull hard enough the collars will snap open. I have a fear that they’re going to jump out of the bag or off my lap and they’ll get lost in a strange place.  So I was thrilled when the opportunity came up to try and review this cat carrier.

Not only is the Pet Magasin Cat carrier is gorgeous!  Being TSA approved, this soft Sided carrier is perfect for traveling.  It’s small and compact so it easily folds up to be tucked away discretely.

I love that it has a built in leash that I can clip to their collar.  That way when you unzip the door they can’t take off on you. There’s also a mesh pocket would be perfect to stick  a packet of cat treats in there too, to encourage good behavior.

This pet carrier is said to be meant for puppies too, but with its measurements being 18x11x10 I’m not sure I’d suggest buying it for a dog. Tigre is almost too big for this, but he has enough room to move around a bit.  It’s perfect for Maizy and pets about 15-20 lbs.  Overall I would really recommend this pet carrier.  It’s great quality, affordable, so convenient, and very stylish. Maizy other then that it was cold outside she seemed to like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review