Product review Pixel Nail polish*

Hey guys,

So I am back with another review.  A while back I got in touch with a brand called Pixel, and they agreed to send me some products to try, review and feature. So I thought I would use today to talk to you about their nail polishes.

I’ve never gotten my nails done at a salon. I mean I did once to get acrylics done, but that’s it.  I refuse to pay for something I can do for free.  Now I’m not great at nail art, but I can paint my nails a solid color just as well as a salon.  Plus if you get nail polish on your fingers, you can scrub it right off with warm water.

I’ve always loved painting my nails.  When I was younger I used to change my nail color everyday.  I’ve calmed down a bit and only change it every couple of days.  Since I go through a lot of nail polish I look for affordable but good nail polish.

Pixel has so many amazing colors at an amazing price. To go with such an amazing price, this nail polish lasts. I painted my nails about a week ago and they held up so well.  There were a few chips in a couple of my nails, but I still struggle with a nail biting habit.  There’s that and I had acrylics on and took them off a week before. Which left my nails very weak.

Pixel is a pretty new brand they launched in August of 2016.  I love this brand, they sell good products, at affordable prices.  They are an inclusive brand, trying to fufill multi-ethnic, multi-generational, cosmetic needs by delivering innovative, delightful products at a great value.  They are about empowering all women, celebrating women and their independent lives by building inner and outer confidence through new colors, new looks, new products, one pixel at a time.  You should definitely try them out, you can find them online at or I found them originally at k-mart.  Also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

 *Products were sent to me by Pixel for an honest review