Product Review: Pores Be Pure Mud Mask

In my Ipsy bag last month I received Pores Be Pure, a mud mask from Formula 10.0.6.  You may have noticed that I am loving face masks right now.  I think I use them two or three times a week weather it’s a detoxing, hydrating, or deep cleaning mask.

As much as I love face masks, I am still quite nervous when trying a new one. The first thing I do is look at the ingredients, to make sure they’re at least mostly natural.  This mask is made with Strawberry, Yarrow and Rosemary.  So it is packed with anti-oxidants leading to clean pores and healthy skin.  It has a very sweet scent as well.Formula10.0.6

All you’ve got to do is apply evenly to you skin, allow it to dry for about 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, and pat dry.  It’s so easy.  When I first tried this mask I could see the impurities being pulled out of my skin. I make sure I use it when every my pores start to be more noticeable, probably about once a week.

I was very happy with this mask, and have been able to get several uses out of my sample sized bottle, so I can’t imagine how long a full size will last, with the very reasonable price of only $6.99 plus shipping.  Many other face masks made with natural ingredients cost between $20-25.  Who doesn’t love inexpensive products that work great?

Xo Johnnielynn