Product Review: Smartykat Catnip spray

I am bringing you something a bit different this week.  As I’m not here to tell you about my newest beauty product.  It’s a cat product.catnip 3

Smartykat Catnip spray, it’s all of the fun of traditional catnip with none of the mess.  I hated all of the mess that came with it weather it fell off or out of the toys or you clever kitty finds and spills the bag all over.Catnip 1

There are four main things that all cats need.
Nutrition– They need good food (mine like purina)
Treats– Cats are more likely to respond to positive reinforcement than to punishment.  They get treats when ever maizy allows me to clip her nails.  They also get treats when ever I’m feeling particular needy and want more attention from them. (which is a lot)
Security– Cats need to feel safe and loved. I mean doesn’t every one.
Stimulation- Being predators, cats outside or wild, get stimulation  by hunting.  Indoor cats however don’t hunt for their food, and with out human interaction, and toys they’ll get no stimulation at all.  (for a complete needs chart you can click Here)

This spray is meant to encourage stimulation. Catnip is a non-addictive her related to mint.  Typically it stimulates a burst of energy followed by a mellow period.  Which makes it great  to get cats to play with toys, use scratching posts and even beds.  All you have to do is shake it up, and spray it on toys, beds scratching post where ever.  But not on the cats.

Tigre really likes this spray, Maizy does too but Tigre kind of hogs it on her.  No matter what I spray it on the cats are all over it.   It’s definitely created an interest of toys  in them. Well temporarily anyway. catnip 4

If you have cats who like catnip, then you should try this, all of the fun and no mess.

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