Lash Princess mascara Essence||product review

Hey guys, I have a secret. Now I haven’t told anyone but… I think I am in love! With Essence’s Lash princess mascara! Can you be in love with mascara? Is that weird? Ok maybe a bit but I mean this mascara is amazing. 
Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara

I’ve always wanted long gorgeous full lashes. The only problem is that I don’t fully understand how to work false lashes. I mean I can coat them in layers of mascara but then my eyes get itchy or my eyes start to burn and get watery then it smudged every where. Then I found this Lash Princess mascara from Essence, with a false lash effect. 

Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara When I first tried this I was shocked at how great was. Not only did it give me longer and fuller lashes, but it is so easy to wear. By easy I mean a couple swipes of the brush and your good go.

This Lash Princess mascara has quickly become my favorite mascara. I honestly think it’s just as good if not better than some of the high-end brands I’ve tried, and its like a quarter of the price.  I bought it for $4.99 at Target  making it the cheapest mascara I’ve ever bought.

  1. Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara

The packaging on this is really nice as well. It’s sleek and black with like sea green writing. Then on the top the green pattern is kind of rubbery  which is super clever because it makes it easy to open.

I like the brand Essence, the products that I’ve tried have been excellent quality and the prices are so affordable. They are also cruelty free which is always preferable  

Seriously if you’re looking for longer fuller lashes then Essence Lash Princess mascara would be perfect for you.  Have you tried this? What is your favorite mascara? Lmk in the comment section. 



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