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Product Wars: Eye Primers

For the longest time I would always get frustrated with my eyeshadow because of the fact that either A) I would get a line along the crease of my eye or B) after a couple hours it would just have faded away completely.

So I bought E.L.F. Shadow lock primer and that helped a lot.  It’s nice and creamy and locks the eyeshadow in all day.  One time I used the wrong eyeshadow color, so I tried to wipe it off. And my finger didn’t work, neither did dry tissue, I had to get it wet a scrub to remove the eyeshadow. E.L.F. Is super affordable, and you can buy it every where.

I got a sample of Jesses Girl eye primer in my Ipsy bag this month.  I was real curious to see how it worked because I was so happy with the one I had. This one worked real well, however I noticed that by the end of the day I would get that crease again, but it was very very subtle. Like you could only tell if you looked super close at my eyes. Look wise they work basically the same.  Jesses Girl is a bit more expensive, and It looks like it’s only online and in drug stores, but I’ve never noticed it anywhere

 I think E.L.F is better.  Quality wise I think they work the same, but E.L.F. is  more accessible I see them every where.  And price wise E.L.F. wins too, $2.00 is better then $5.99