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Product Wars: Foundation

I signed up for Ipsy glam bag , which is a $10 monthly subscription for make up/beauty samples. Back in August I had received an organic face mask from  Juara skin care and it worked really well, so that inspired me to try an organic foundation as opposed to my normal foundation.  Which  I then decided to compare the two.



Normally I use  Rimmel London Clean Finish with vitamins A&E. (I linked to the one I use, but the one in the picture is actually my sisters as I had throw. My empty bottle away) I first bought this because it was only about four dollars, and found that it does work real well.  It covers real well with out clogging my pores.  My skin is real sensitive so most of the foundation I use causes me to break out. But this one is hypo-allergenic, so I didn’t break out like I normally do. It’s also infused with vitamins A & E so it helps your skin be a bit more healthy.  The only problem I found with this is that half way through the day it would fade away and need to be redone, which is why I tired a different brand. 


I bought the Physicians Formula BB Cream because it was organic, and I thought that it would be great for my skin.  Plus with it being $14.99 I expected great things.  Now I wasn’t disappointed this foundation also has great coverage and Its lasted about a month, making the price not too bad. However I found that it also wears away after a couple hours making it not really worth the extra ten dollars in my opinion. I mean it’s great that that it’s organic and not full of harsh chemicals but I am not too concerned with organic make up.

Personally I am going to stick with the Rimmel clean finish foundation and save the ten dollars. It works just as well as the organic so why not? If you have any other suggestions of foundation, or other products to compare let me know in the comments below 

Xo johnnielynn