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Review: Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift*

If you’ve been reading my past posts you might remember me saying I have sensitive skin, and that I have tried many different cleansers and moisturizers and have had to stop using all of them. I had given up all hope and had accepted that I will never be the kind of girl who can leave the house with out make up. Well I think my search is over! Derma E® sent their Firming DMAE Eye Lift me to review, and with that they also sent samples of their Hydrating Night crème, Hydrating Day Crème, and Firming DMAE Moisturizer.Derma e products

Before signing up to do the review I checked out the website for Derma E® to see what kind of brand they were. It seems like a great company. I love that they didn’t start as money making beauty products, but as healthy skin care for a health food store. Derma E® is a family owned and operated company using all natural vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals to give you healthier skin. As an environmentally conscience company they’re using wind power for electricity. They also support a few different charities like the Special Olympics: Ventura County, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), as well as a few others.

I am 27 so I don’t have a severe need for the Firming DMAE Eye Lift, but the idea is to start taking care of my skin now to prevent wrinkles later on. So while I haven’t seen a big difference in the way it looks, I have found that applying eyeliner is a lot easier. Like when I put eyeliner on I have to pull at the corners so that it makes a smooth line, but now I don’t need to. I know is kind of silly that the only difference I have noticed is applying make up but still it’s an amazing difference in only two weeks.

Derma E Johnnielynn
If you look closely you can see that the lines under my eye are less visible

I also had my mom using it so that I had a second example. With her its a bit easier to see the differences, I think she’s only been using it for only one week. She has said that she noticed a difference in the lines around her eyes. She likes this product as well.

Derma E momThe lines under her eyes are less prominent

She’s also been using the firming moisturizer from them and has noticed that the lines on and around her mouth are getting smaller and less noticeable.

As I had said I have been struggling to find a moisturizer that would work for me. I figured out I can only handle chemical free products, but even some of those still caused me to break out. So I was a bit skeptical about trying the ones from Derma E®. But it’s been nearly three weeks since I had started and I am still using it, with no extra problems. And as a bonus it smells AMAZING. Other all natural products I’ve used don’t smell very nice, and when you are putting it on your face you don’t want something that smells bad.

You can now get derma e® from Target. So now the next time you run to target for anything you need pop over to the skin care aisle and pick some up and try it for yourself.

I don’t like trying new things. When I find something I like then I stick too it. So for the longest time I accepted that I would have either dry itchy skin or red blotchy skin. But I am so glad I tried something new. Even if it was moisturizer.

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