September Favorites

I have a confession to make… I didn’t do a favorite post last month.  Not that I didn’t use and great products, I just didn’t use anything new.  With this month I have tons to share.   So lets get started


sept-faves-1Earlier this month we went on a family camping trip, and I realized that I had forgotten my face wash.  Since Tiffany lives near an ULTA I had her pick me up a new bottle. The one she got came with a travel size bottle of Keep Your Cool skin-calming gel mask from Formula 10.0.6.  I already love that brand, I have for a while now.  However A few weeks ago, I had received some Perfectly Posh face mask samples, so I thought I would try one.  That was my mistake, I don’t know what’s inside their masks but that was the second one I tried and both caused a pretty bad break out.  When I had complained about it on twitter  Formula 10.0.6 tweeted out that I should try the keep your cool mask, to sooth the irritated skin, so I did.  This mask like jump started my skin into repairing the damage the posh mask caused.  A few days later I used it again,  and my skin is basically back to the way it used to be.   Seriously, I can’t get enough of this brand.


Speaking of posh… While I will not try another one of their face masks I Love the rest of their products.  Lately I’ve been loving the Sweet Crazy Daisy body Crème.  It has such a sweet subtle scent of flowers, vanilla and honey.  But not subtle enough to where it fades away as soon as it absorbs in.  My skin feels so soft, since I started using this.  Unfortunately I just seen that this scent is no longer available, but  Snuggle buddy body butter,  smells amazing too. I had a sample of this, and I’ve ordered one, just waiting for them to sort out the error, that happened so I can place the order again.

sept-faves-2Katy Kat Matte Lip color  in the color Catoure.  My main lip color has been a liquid matte lip color from the balm, that I had gotten from an ipsy bag.  It had just about ran out So I was looking for a similar color, When I found this. The color is almost exactly the same, but it’s not quite as matte as the liquid lip color, but I prefer the more creamy texture that this has. Between the fact that I can get it locally and the nine dollar difference this is the best.


Color Tatto Concentrated Crayon in Creamy Chocolate.  I save so much time with this eye crayon. I just swipe it on and then blend it in with Beau Gâchis Paris – Smudge Brush, eye shadow wise that’s all you have to do.

cheerleadingCheerleading. I Love cheerleading, I have for as long as I can remember. I had only been in cheerleading during my sophomore year of high school. But when Taylor was old enough to sign up Ash started to unofficially coach.  Last year she was asked to coach, and since they wanted one more she  got me involved too.  So we joined to coach again this year and it’s so much fun.  Last night our girls learned how to cradle (which is when you just slightly toss the girl in the air and catch her.  I am so proud of how much work all of the girls put into it.

Have you tried any of these products, what did you think of them? Also what are some of your Favorites?