SmartyKats | Review

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I received a package from SmartyKats from a give-a-way from their facebook page In the package I had received their Scratch Scroll, Leapin’ Laser and Mermouse. There was also a couple of dog toys as well, but I gave those to my niece for her puppy who I hear loves them. Smartykats has some amazing pet toys


Tigre likes this a lot, it has a dangly feathery bit on one side which Tigre had a great time playing with it. The only problem is that it’s not very durable, it was broken off within a week.  The rest of it is amazing quality, I much prefer Maizy scratching this then the back of my couch.  They both love the “S” shape of it and find it very a very comfortable place to lay.

Leapin’ Laser

This toy is perfect for both of them.  Tigre loves the toys that you can swing back and forth.  He flips out over them.  While Maizy has no patience for them she loves the laser part.  I love the bright colors. Like all laser pointers DO NOT shine it into anyone’s eyes.  Again this wasn’t quite as durable as I would like and the end had come off.  Fortunately with a few knots I was able to fix it up good as new.


I think this toy is super super cute!  Unfourtunately my cats don’t care much for toys, cotton balls, craft pom poms and hair ties sure but actual cat toys they couldn’t be less interested.  But I just sprayed a little of the smartykat catnip spray and Tigre was all over it. I do think it’s to big for the kind of playing they like.

Over all I like the brand smartykats. I’ve tried a few of their things and they were all great.  Especially the catnip spray! What’s your favorite cat products?

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