Rambling about snow days and anxiety

Hey guys,

So apparently this week the weather just can’t get it together.  Monday it decided to be winter and snow, a lot, enough to get school canceled.  Then the weather decided it wanted to be spring like so it warmed up and I think it rained through out the day and afternoon, but by night it decided, it’ll be winter, so temperatures dropped and everything froze, meaning no school again.  That day even Sharon stayed home in the morning, but taylor came over, but I ended up driving her over to her friends.  It warmed up again, and every thing melted, then it all froze so no school Thursday. They did have school Friday. So that was a normal day.

I did take advantage of having no where to go and having both the girls all day, I did an extra post. I had them do my makeup and I interviewed them.  We had fun, they had fun.  It was nice having the few extra days with taylor, I did miss jake, his mom is  a teacher so he didn’t come over.

Friday I had a sleep over with taylor.  We did typical slumber party stuff. Ate Ice cream, watched The Wizard of Oz.  Her favorite thing that we did that night was face masks.  She’s got sensitive skin, so I had her use a skin calming mask, from formula 10.0.6 we had a great night.

The Saturday Taylor had a swim meet, she did amazing. Me not so well. So like the bleachers to watch are in an upstairs floor and then its open , so like a balcony. My fear of heights are so bad that I don’t even look out my bedroom window.  Then being on a balcony, half way up the bleachers I couldn’t breathe.  It was not fun, I hate swim meets.  But she loves swimming so I’ll suffer through more.

It helps that I keep in my purse a bag full of skittles.  I do have a problem when it comes to buying candy.  One time Ashley was complaining about me leaving candy in her car, and I didn’t think I’d left any.  But there was a packet of gummy worms that I don’t even remember buying.  They weren’t taylors because Ash doesn’t like her eating gummy candy and wouldn’t have got them for her.  I have candy stashed in my purse, my car, my bed room, even a drawer full of it.  I don’t eat as much as I buy, but I do like to keeep it on hand.  It does seem to help, a tiny it during a panic attack.

Does any one know, does sugar help anxiety?  It might just be me. I do know that when my anxiety starts to get out of hand that I’m instantly drained of energy and I do know that sugar helps that. Well a little burst of energy. But, I can’t handle sugar well.  I get super hyper even with just a small amount, like half of a can of coke and I’m bouncing off the walls. And its the sugar not the caffeine.  Coke zero doesn’t do it but sprite does.