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Some favorites 

Because I like to share random parts about my self and expect someone to read it, and because I totally fell asleep writing last nights blog post (sorry)   I feel like I owe you another one.  Something that a lot of people do are monthly favorites so I guess I am going to do that… So here are a few of my favorite things right now


 Lavender Oil: Early this year I had started using essential oils as an attempt to deal with anxiety with out medication. I skeptical when I bought it, and wasn’t sure if it was working but after about a week I was able to sleep with the lights off.  But I was convinced it worked when volunteering at church camp was easier then the other years.  Later I had ordered a diffuser necklace online but I didn’t like it. So when Taylor had three BFF necklaces and she had given one to me and one to the other little girl I babysit I glued some fleece to the back and I drip a drop of the oil on it.

  Argon Oil: This stuff is amazing.  It smells wonderful.  It’s Marc Anthony nourishing Argon oil of Morocco. I just run a small amount through my hair after I get out of the shower and before I blowdry it. My hair feels smooth, the ends are less frizzy and it stays tangle free. But to be honest I’d use it for the smell alone.

 Juara face mask: I got this one In my Ipsy bag in August and it workes great, I have really sensitive skin and most products cause me to break out, but this one didn’t. I linked to the travel size one which has a little more then what I got rather then the actual full size one because I think it’s expensive, and the one I got just ran out after 2-3 months of regular use.  It says to put on a thin layer wait for 20 minutes and rinse it off 2-3 times a week, but I just put it on and leave it over night.