Sweet hairstyles for your little girls.

Hey guys

Valentines day is coming up, and my valentines day plans include movies while cuddled up with my cats (yes, I am that lame). I thought about doing a valentines makeup look, but I kind of feel like every other beauty blogger out there is also doing a valentines makeup look. So to mix it up a bit, and I’m going to show you two different fairly easy hairstyles that would be perfect for you or your little girl this valentines day.

Ok for the first one I braided her hair into a rose.  What I did was separate the front parts of her hair, braided it and secured it with a small elastic band.  Then very carefully I  rolled the braid carfully up so that it laid flat and secured it with a couple hair pins.  I just left the rest of her hair alone but it would look so cute curled.

This one was a bit harder to figure out. What I did, was separated the front of her hair from the back by drawing the top of a heart in her hair with the back of a comb, and tied the bottom off to the side with a hair tie. Then I tied up half of the top.  Then I French braided her hair following the outline that I made, then again on the other side and secured them together with an elastic band.


I love both of these hairstyles. They’re so pretty, and they are quick and easy  to create. I mean it definitely helps that my little hair model is willing to sit, while I tie up her hair.  So If you’re looking for a pretty  way to style yours or your daughter’s hair I hope this helped.