Summer Essentials

Hey guys, Summer is my favorite time of the year, and since we’re finally experiencing summer weather, I want to talk about my summer essentials.  You know those products that you need to make it the best summer yet.  These are just some products that make summer easier The first, and in my opinion the more important is sunscreen.  I am obsessed with sunscreen and carry several different ones from … Continue reading Summer Essentials

Every day look ft Smashbox

Hey guys, I have been loving Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eye Palette.  I’d been using it a lot lately. I love how well these eye shadows blend together so well, which makes it quick and easy to use.  So I thought I would tell you about it and show you a very natural, So I started by mixing Pixels Triple Boost Gel foundation with Revlon ColorStay foundation. The Pixel … Continue reading Every day look ft Smashbox