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Whipped Body Oil |DIY

Hi there lovelies.  I’ve noticed a few things about independent sales. There alway seems to be a different brand that’s like trending.  First it was Mary Kay. I actually babysat for a Mary Kay consultant aside from writing me a check she almost always had some sort of makeup goodies to go with it. Then purses, nail stickers, 31 bags, Tupperware,…

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Last minute Halloween Costume

One of the bars in town put on a Halloween scavenger hunt. You get into teams and have a group themed costume.  I wasn’t going to go.  Ashley asked me a few days before and I told her no.  Only because I wanted an easy weekend.  But Friday night I was told that she needed one more person and she…

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Bath salts, DIY

I know I have said before that my hip causes me a lot of issues. I had a hip impingement which means that my joint is oval shape and not round, so it was rubbing when I walked, causing pain. In 2011 I had surgery to correct it but I still have a lot of pain. My mom sister, and I had signed…

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We have an easter tree

It was just after Valentines day, I was taking down the heart shaped decorations, when the girls asked me to keep it up.  My answer was “but valentines day is over.” To which they responded “It can be an Easter tree.” I’m a sucker for reasonable, polite requests.  Nine times out of ten if the kids ask me nicely for…

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