Minimal Makeup Look.

Summer is just around the corner, and so is humidity, heat and beach days.  In the summer I don’t always like wearing a ton of layers of makeup.  I feel like I get sweaty causing my makeup to melt off. It seams like a waste of money, and makeup so I thought that I would try to not wear as much.IMG_1164.PNG

To create this quick and easy look, I skipped Primer and foundation, which made me feel like my skin could breath so much better.  I did use some concealer from e.l.f. to cover up any blemishes.  Then I used Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment  in Sierra Nevada, and applied it to the outer corners of my eyes and then blended it in all over.  Then I used e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner and thinly lined my eyes, not too dramatically.  Then I took an e.l.f.  concealer and highlight (well just the white highlight side) to highlight under my eyes

After that I moved on to Rimmel London’s Kate Sculpting palette in Coral Glow for the blush, and I added a bit more highlight.  Then I used my hikari bronzer to take away from the paleness that makes people ask me if I’m sick when I’m just not wearing makeup.

After all of the powder I curled my eyelashes and then coated them with Smash box full exposure mascara. For my lips I used Illusion lip gloss from Pure Romance, which uses your bodies chemicals  to find your perfect shade of pink.

Minimal makeup look



May Products: New loves, and Rebuys.

I am still not one for monthly favorites, although I guess this post is more of a favorites than last months.  I didn’t come across any products that I just didn’t like.  So I guess we’ll start with New loves.

May New lovesThis month I received a bronzer from Hikari in my ipsy bag.  When I had first got it I wasn’t sure, as when I used it the first time I wasn’t very careful and it was a bit too dramatic.  Basically I was very gold.  I have since figured out how to use it and I love it.   It’s prefect for creating a gorgeous summer glow.

I have been searching for a good highlighter.  I just seem to be too pale, for it to work.  If you know of any tell me in the comments, please.  I’ve tried using the lightest concealer I could find, and that just blends in with my foundation. I’ve also tried two different sculpting palettes, and they are just too dark.  So when I cam across e.l.f Under Eye Conceal & Highlighter I was a bit skeptical.  I didn’t think it would work at all, but it did.  It’s still very subtle, but it is there.  and it gives me a very natural highlight.  although I may have to give some credit of it working so well to summer time, getting a bit tanner, and switching to a darker foundation. Either way I am loving this right now, and will definitely going to buy it again.  E.l.f. is a great affordable brand.

May rebuysI’m just going to list my Real Techniques Powder brush as a rebuy.  The brush is new, but the brand I’ve been using for a while now.  Real Techniques have slowly been taking over my makeup brush collection. When I first switched to brushes a few years back I was using e.l.f. brushes because they were a dollar. Since I’ve started spending more and buying better ones, I’ve found that I love these brushes.  They’re easily the best ones out there. Also The creators Sam & Nic have a youtube channel, so if you either don’t know what a brush is for, or are not sure what brush you’re looking for you can hop over to Real Techniques youtube channel and find out.

Sun In.  My hair naturally fades to blond in the summer.  However it takes forever to go back to blond, since I’ve stated getting it colored.  So now I just spritz on a bit of sun in to my wet hair and I blowdry it, which lightens it a bit, or go sit in the sun for faster highlights.  It’s recommended for light to medium hair, but not for chemically or color treated hair.  I’ve never had any troubles, but I only color my hair in the fall.  I love the way it smells, and that it has botanical extracts.  Also if you have dark hair you may have reddish results.

XO Johnnielynn

My Favorite makeup look for the week

The post of different makeup looks seem to be what you guys want to see so I am back with the one I’ve been doing this week. I’m a very habitual type of person, so I tend to do the same thing everyday. My makeup isn’t much different. This week keep reaching for the same purple eye shadows.

So I started with Rimmel London Primer, and foundation, and the Kate sculpting palette.

Then on the inner corner I used maybeline Expert Wear eyeshadow in champagne fizz . For the base color I used Baby Pop in Purple Rain from L.A. Colors, and in the crease and outer corner I used Baby Pop in Wine Shimmer also from L.A. Colors (I got them two for a dollar at Dollar General)and blended them. Cream eyeliner in Black from E.L.F.  Then Wet n Wild Max fanatic mascara.


Xo johnnielynn