3 Shampoos to end Bad Hair Days.

A while back my hair was always very oily, frizzy, and staticy.  I would torture it with a blow dryer, and flat iron daily.  After about 30 minutes of torture my hair would submit nicely to being smooth, and straight.  Only to be oily, frizzy and full of static in a few hours.  It drove me crazy. So much that I resorted washing my hair with baking soda. Don’t do it. Seriously, it dried out my hair so much, it felt like straw and was always tangled. Then I discovered a new shampoo.

Ogx shampoo

OGX Organix,

This was the first shampoo I tried that made a difference in my hair.  Before this my hair was very oily, but I also had dandruff really bad, it was more like that “cradle cap” that babies get.  With just one use my hair was soft, and smelled amazing, and just cleaner.  It didn’t get oily so quick like before.  After a week or two I noticed a huge difference in my scalp as well.  The itchy flaky patches were just about cleared up. For about a year I explored all of the different formulas this brand had to offer, the keratin one is my favorite.

Mark Anthony shampoo

Marc Anthony,

 I was in rite aid a few weeks ago and I had seen that they had this shampoo on sale buy one get one free so I took advantage of that to try this brand. I bought the one with Argon Oil first because it smells so good.  When that ran out and I was still lucky enough that they were on sale again (or still but that would’ve been a long sale) I bought the coconut one.  I like the one with argon oil best because I think the coconut one is for curly hair so it makes it a little harder to blow dry it straight. but my hair is still soft clean and clear. I would definitely recommend it.


The first thing I tried from this brand was a deep conditioning hair mask, which I love. It’s great for pampering sessions with a face mask and bubble bath.  Since I  loved the hair mask so much I decided to try the shampoo/conditioner too.  These worked great, and are particularly nice if you want to save a little money. This also left my hair smooth clean and clear.

What makes these shampoos so great

The main thing I’ve realized is that all three of these are sulfate free which is why I think they work so great. Sulfates are detergents that strip the hair and skin of necessary oils, and can damage the cuticle of hair causing hair to look dull and damaged.  It may be 4x as expensive but 8 dollars is a small price to pay for a confidence boost.  I know I feel better, now that I am not stressing about my hair.  Plus I love how low maintenance my hair has become.  With any of these I can use my fingers to comb through it, and blow dry it then done.  I may have lost my hair brush for a week to discover this.

Thanks for reading, tell me in the comments what is your favorite shampoo brand?  Have you tried any of these brands what did you think?


July Favorites

Favorites-julySo I have been loving some new products lately.  Some new, some I’ve been using for a while.  So lets get started…

Favorites July 5First with it being summer Sunscreen is a must.  I used to burn so easily and so badly.  The other day I saw in my timehop that 6 years ago I was so burnt so badly that strangers were commenting on how bad I was burnt.  Any way I started using sunscreen regularly and now instead of burning, then peeling back to pale white me.  Now I can develop a tan, a very subtle tan, but it’s there.  Hawaiian Tropic, is my favorite, it smells amazing. I use spf 15 it’s enough to keep me from burning, but not enough to block out the sun completely.  I use the aerosol Can on my body, but you’re not meant to use it on your face. So I also got the light weight lotion for on my face.

Favorites July 3Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.  I’ve got the color Flirtation.  I’m loving this liquid matte lipcolor.  This will last and last.  I can up it on in the morning and it’ll last all day.  I also love this color, it’s a matte coral color. I think coral is my favorite lip color.  I do like nude lipcolor.

Favorites July 4The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony, in the color Matt Kumar. I’ve been using this a lot since I got it in my ipsy bag.  I especially love to blend it with Pixel’s pro eye shadow in the color loving. It just looks so pretty.

Favorites -july 2Marc Anthony Nourishing Argon Oil of Morocco perfect blow dry smoothing cream.I’ve not been blow drying my hair much this month, much to my annoyance.  I’ve been using this to try and tame the fizziness that comes with not using the blow dryer.  It’s definitely been a lifesaver.  It also helps it dry faster.  I HATE having wet hair, I don’t know why but it just makes me cranky.

Have you tried any of these products?  What are some of your favorites?


Ipsy Glam Bag-June

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI know it’s super late, but I really wanted to tell you about Formula 10.0.6, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many products in one post.  So lets get stated.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Hibiscus-  from Seraphine Botanicals.  This is my most used product from ipsy this month. Its a bronze like brick red shade.  I’m loving this blush right now, it’s the perfect summer color. I also really like the packaging. I don’t actually have a compact mirror.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAUrban Decay Eyeshadow- in the color Fireball.  While the blush is my most used product, this eyeshadow is my favorite.  This color is amazing, it’s a subtle pink/peach duo shade, so it actually changes colors right before your eyes.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERADream Waves Beach Spray- from Marc Anthony.  With this spray you can have gorgeous beachy wavey hair without leaving the house.  This is great for when it’s too hot to blowdry your hair.  My hair is really weird, I can blowdry it straight no problem, but it also kind of curls only in weird ways.  I use this spray to tame the fizziness and to get it to look done, and not just a frizzy tangled mess.  Just spray it on damp hair and scrunch with your fingers and let it air dry, or you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser attached. I think, for hair care, Marc Anthony is my favorite brand.  The products are amazing, and they leave your hair smelling great.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAFormula XNail polish in Wingwoman.  This is the perfect summer red.  It’s bright, and just looks like summer.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMODA Crease/Smudge brush– This isn’t the Exact brush but it’s the only I could find, you can get it in a set if you wanted the whole set.  I had also seen this same brush at walmart, but oddly I couldn’t find it online.  Any way I love this brush, I use the fluffy side to blend eyeshadow, and the smaller side to smudge my eyeliner a bit for a smokier effect.

Also look how cool this bag looks.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

That’s what I got with my ipsy Subscription, and you can sign up to get your own Here.