October Favorites.

October, while it’s loads of fun, it’s also been super stressful. Not in a way that a ton of bad things have happened, actually it’s been mostly good things. I just struggle with super busy weekends, and it’s been stressing me out. So I’m kind […]

Oh so Posh Review

So a few weeks back my sister had an online Perfectly Posh party which I really enjoyed.  The products are made with natural ingredients, so they’re great for any skin type.  One of the girls I babysit loves and uses the sleepy stick, that helps […]

June Favorites

I give up on trying to be slightly original, and it’s just going to be a favorites post. It’s still going to be the same as the others that I had done with “New Loves” and “Rebuys”, but I’m just going to call it a favorites. […]