I grounded my cat| fear aggression

Yes, you read the title correctly. I grounded Maizy for a week. Back in January Maizy started acting uncharacteristically aggressive towards Tigre. After people telling me she’s just in heat (she wasn’t) I scheduled an appointment with the veterinarian in case something worse was going on. Then I turned to google, and I learned that fear aggression is a thing.

What is fear aggression

Fear aggression is when an animal acts out aggressively from fear. It usually follows after a cat fight, when intruding a new cat.

If you type “why do my cats suddenly hate each other” you will find information on “reintroducing you cats after a fight. After reading it very carefully I went to work separating them switching them so they can get used to each others scent. Which tbh seems like nonsense, they’ve been together for almost 5 years. This method probably works, it didn’t for me or my cats. It doesn’t help that the galaxy cat daddy guy doesn’t respond to comments or offer any kind of further help. I’ve had someone else respond to my comment the other day having the same problem with their cat and another asking why and how I changed methods.

Why I switched.

Well easy answer for why, it wasn’t working. I need consistency and our normal routine was a mixed up. I felt guilty for locking one cat up while allowing the other the freedom of the house. For a week I kept them separate. I tried the put one in a kennel in the room with the other she never got any better. And because no matter where I am in my house there is usually 2 cats within arms length. So I had to try something new.

What worked for me

Xojohnnielynn | maizy | fear aggression

I went to Walmart and got a harness for Maizy because I was afraid that the collar was going to hurt her. I kept her by my side and on the leash for a week while Tigre hid in the curtains. Maizy hated the leash, as soon as it was connected to flopped to the ground. Which had it’s own benefits as I was able to hold her and cuddle her all day. But I kept them in the same room while I held her because she was the aggressor.

Smartykat | fear aggression

I decided enough was enough after a week and they were going to get along. So I went and got the scratch scroll and sprayed it with some catnip spray. Then I took Tigre and his bed and sprayed it. I left them about a foot apart. After a bit they were both calm and affected by the catnip that Maizy didn’t care Tigre was near. I this this on a Friday after work so I didn’t have to leave for a bit to be sure they would be good.


Now obviously I’m not a vet or even a cat expert, but I am pretty good at finding creative solutions to my problems. Maizy did go get checked out by a vet who confirmed that there isn’t anything medical as to why she was acting aggressive. This way worked for my cats and a lot of why I felt good trying it is because my cats know their names and if I call Maizy she usually stops and meows at when he weirdest thing I’ve done this ytea r. back. This isn’t a proper way of doing anything, just what worked for me and my cats. They’ve been getting along just fine since their dispute in January.

If you know anyone that might benefit from this please share it with them. Also leave in the comments what works with your pets.

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Product Review| Pet Magasin Pet Travel Carrier*

When it comes to my cats there are about three things I can be sure of. One, Maizy will be waiting out side the bathroom door for me.  Two, Tigre will expect Cuddles as soon as I sit down.  The third, is thanks to the Pet Magasin pet carrier, they will be safe when we travel

Before, when I’d taken my cats to the vet I just put them on a leash and then in a thirty-one bag. Which I’m always very nervous about because it’s not secure so they could escape at anytime.  With the type collars that they have, if they pull hard enough the collars will snap open. I have a fear that they’re going to jump out of the bag or off my lap and they’ll get lost in a strange place.  So I was thrilled when the opportunity came up to try and review this cat carrier.

Not only is the Pet Magasin Cat carrier is gorgeous!  Being TSA approved, this soft Sided carrier is perfect for traveling.  It’s small and compact so it easily folds up to be tucked away discretely.

I love that it has a built in leash that I can clip to their collar.  That way when you unzip the door they can’t take off on you. There’s also a mesh pocket would be perfect to stick  a packet of cat treats in there too, to encourage good behavior.

This pet carrier is said to be meant for puppies too, but with its measurements being 18x11x10 I’m not sure I’d suggest buying it for a dog. Tigre is almost too big for this, but he has enough room to move around a bit.  It’s perfect for Maizy and pets about 15-20 lbs.  Overall I would really recommend this pet carrier.  It’s great quality, affordable, so convenient, and very stylish. Maizy other then that it was cold outside she seemed to like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review

SmartyKats | Review

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I received a package from SmartyKats from a give-a-way from their facebook page In the package I had received their Scratch Scroll, Leapin’ Laser and Mermouse. There was also a couple of dog toys as well, but I gave those to my niece for her puppy who I hear loves them. Smartykats has some amazing pet toys


Tigre likes this a lot, it has a dangly feathery bit on one side which Tigre had a great time playing with it. The only problem is that it’s not very durable, it was broken off within a week.  The rest of it is amazing quality, I much prefer Maizy scratching this then the back of my couch.  They both love the “S” shape of it and find it very a very comfortable place to lay.

Leapin’ Laser

This toy is perfect for both of them.  Tigre loves the toys that you can swing back and forth.  He flips out over them.  While Maizy has no patience for them she loves the laser part.  I love the bright colors. Like all laser pointers DO NOT shine it into anyone’s eyes.  Again this wasn’t quite as durable as I would like and the end had come off.  Fortunately with a few knots I was able to fix it up good as new.


I think this toy is super super cute!  Unfourtunately my cats don’t care much for toys, cotton balls, craft pom poms and hair ties sure but actual cat toys they couldn’t be less interested.  But I just sprayed a little of the smartykat catnip spray and Tigre was all over it. I do think it’s to big for the kind of playing they like.

Over all I like the brand smartykats. I’ve tried a few of their things and they were all great.  Especially the catnip spray! What’s your favorite cat products?

This was all about cat product, if your looking for products for your dog check out dogproductpicker.com/

*this is a sponsored link.

Kitty Pet-icure with Soft Paws*

Incase you didn’t know I have two cats. Maizy and Tigre, and I am way to attached to them. One night whilst I was clipping maizys claws I decided that I really wanted to paint maizys nails.  I knew I shouldn’t use actual nail polish as she licks her paws and that I won’t dry fast enough.  So I searched and searched the Internet For pet friendly nail polish. They had tons for dogs, but I’m not sure if you’re meant to use them on cats too.img_1474-1

But what really caught my eye were Soft paws.  They looked like press on nails but for cats, so I knew I needed them.  I decided to send them an email and they sent me a set fo Maizy.  I’m not going to lie I am way too happy with these.  If you’re following my Instagram you might have seen this photo. If you’re not following my Instagram you can find it Here.Soft paws
I’m sure most of you are thinking that I’ve lost it and that I’m a bit silly, but these are for so much more then just being able to have matching manis. They are an alternative to having your cats declawed.

So many people are against declawing cats. I’m not, I got Tigre declawed when I got him neutered.  He and Maizy were playing too rough and were leaving scratches  When I’ve told some people about getting him declawed they looked at me like they’re about to call the ASPCA and told me I was wrong for doing it.  Their reason, “it’s an unnecessary painful recovery” well so is neutering/spaying your cat when it’s a solo inside cat but legally I have to do that. I mean yes, I felt bad for Tigre after the surgery, and he was feeling sorry for himself for about a week, but the vet called to check on him and assured that some bleeding  was normal. And to be fair I did just get his manhood removed, and he’s been fine since. I don’t feel it’s mean or cruel.

When I first got Maizy I was undecided on getting her declawed, she liked to play in my hair at night and it was too cute to give up. But now she scratches up the couch, my chair in my bedroom, and me.  She is very careful around the kids, when they corner trying to pet her she “hits” them but doesn’t scratch them, but I have scratches all over my arm and leg from her just seeking affection.  Soft paws have taken the sharpness off of her claws.  She can climb on my lap without scratching me up more, she can’t hurt the kids or tear up my furniture.img_1477

Maizy has always let me trim her nails (claws?) so putting these on her was super easy. Just like using press on nails I trimmed her nails, matched the caps to her to be sure I had the right size then, filled the caps 1/3 of the way with the glue and just popped them on.  It’s not her favorite part of the week but she accepts it.img_1476-1

I love them!  I love that it looks like she has her nails are painted. Especially because I have the same color nail polish  so we can match.  Also her claws cant catch on the furniture so they’re kept safe from her.

Poor Maizy can’t climb up the couch any more so she’s kinda pouting. 😂😂😂

A video posted by Johnnielynn (@xojohnnielynn) on Jul 18, 2016 at 6:05pm PDT

** JSYK I had pulled her out from behind the couch twice, before filming her, and she could have easily climbed out.***

She was a bit unsure of them at first. For the first two or three days she picked at them a bit, and popped a few off which I easily replaced.

Soft paws caps stay on for about 4-6 weeks and will come off as the cats shed their claws (like the top layer).  Each packet comes with 40 caps, two tubes of glue and several applicator tips to easily apply the glue. So each packet will last for a few months. Soft Paws caps and glue are completely safe for cats, even if they manage to swallow them it’ll just pass through, and even the glue, becomes “chemically inactive, as it dries in place.”  If you’re cat is an outdoor cat they don’t suggest that you use them, as it will weaken their defense and I don’t think they’d be able to climb either.img_1478-1

Again, I am so happy with these they look adorable, they keep me from being scratched up, and they’ll help my furniture.

Do you have a cat that tears up you or your furniture? Would you try Soft Paws?


*This post contains PR Samples sent to me for an honest Review.