L’oreal lash serum solution*

I have been trying out L’Oréal lash serum solution eyelash serum and it’s amazing!!! This serum is a quick and easy way to get longer fuller lashes with out the need for expensive mascara or itchy false lashes. I love the false lash look but strip lashes kind of annoy me. I feel like they’re difficult to apply correctly and itchy so a serum that’s meant to

For transparency I do need to let you know that I didn’t pay for this. I was gifted this product from L’Oréal and Influenster in exchange for an honest review on L’Oréal and Influenster’s websites. I was not asked to write a blog post but I really wanted to tell you about it.

What is it?

L’Oréal lash serum

This is a serum to condition and nourish your lashes with glycerin, pro vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, madecassoside and arginine. This gentle serum is safe for sensitive eyes, and contact lenses.

How do I use it?

This serum is so easy to use. Simply twist the bottom until the product appears then let it click 5 times and apply to lash line. This product works best when used 2x daily for 4 weeks. You should let it dry for at least 60 seconds before applying mascara.

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Short answer, yes. I’m loving this, it works and is super easy to apply. It’s also very affordable at around $15. I love that this is a trustworthy brand too. I felt confident in applying with out researching what exactly was in this.

L’Oréal lash serum xojohnnielynn

If long thick eyelashes are something you want then you should give this a try. Let me know in the comments what if anything do you use to make your lashes look longer?

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Be a Mermaid and Make Waves | Product Review

I’m obsessed with mermaids.

I think a lot of it started with my little BFF being really into them. We’ve watched everything mermaid related on Netflix. So when I saw that Tarte was launching a mermaid themed eye shadow palette I knew I had to get my hands on it. So when I took tay on our birthday shopping trip (check out that road trip vlog here) the main thing I knew I was getting was this gorgeous palette.

This palette does not disappoint.  I mean look how cute it is. The eye shadows in this clam shaped palette are made to look like mermaid scales. And the mirror is amazing. It’s probably the best Mirrors I’ve come across in a palette.

The shadows themselves are very pigmented, and so creamy. They blend and apply so easily too. “Bubbles” the iridescent bluey/purple one is my favorite, “Lagoon” is a close second. With this mix of matte and shimmer you can come up with so many day and night looks.


Weather you are a mermaid at heart or are just looking for the perfect summer palette you should definitely try this palette. This is pretty much the only eyeshadow palette I’ve been using.

Lash Princess mascara Essence||product review

Hey guys, I have a secret. Now I haven’t told anyone but… I think I am in love! With Essence’s Lash princess mascara! Can you be in love with mascara? Is that weird? Ok maybe a bit but I mean this mascara is amazing. 
Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara

I’ve always wanted long gorgeous full lashes. The only problem is that I don’t fully understand how to work false lashes. I mean I can coat them in layers of mascara but then my eyes get itchy or my eyes start to burn and get watery then it smudged every where. Then I found this Lash Princess mascara from Essence, with a false lash effect. 

Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara When I first tried this I was shocked at how great was. Not only did it give me longer and fuller lashes, but it is so easy to wear. By easy I mean a couple swipes of the brush and your good go.

This Lash Princess mascara has quickly become my favorite mascara. I honestly think it’s just as good if not better than some of the high-end brands I’ve tried, and its like a quarter of the price.  I bought it for $4.99 at Target  making it the cheapest mascara I’ve ever bought.

  1. Xojohnnielynn lash princess mascara

The packaging on this is really nice as well. It’s sleek and black with like sea green writing. Then on the top the green pattern is kind of rubbery  which is super clever because it makes it easy to open.

I like the brand Essence, the products that I’ve tried have been excellent quality and the prices are so affordable. They are also cruelty free which is always preferable  

Seriously if you’re looking for longer fuller lashes then Essence Lash Princess mascara would be perfect for you.  Have you tried this? What is your favorite mascara? Lmk in the comment section. 


SmartyKats | Review

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I received a package from SmartyKats from a give-a-way from their facebook page In the package I had received their Scratch Scroll, Leapin’ Laser and Mermouse. There was also a couple of dog toys as well, but I gave those to my niece for her puppy who I hear loves them. Smartykats has some amazing pet toys


Tigre likes this a lot, it has a dangly feathery bit on one side which Tigre had a great time playing with it. The only problem is that it’s not very durable, it was broken off within a week.  The rest of it is amazing quality, I much prefer Maizy scratching this then the back of my couch.  They both love the “S” shape of it and find it very a very comfortable place to lay.

Leapin’ Laser

This toy is perfect for both of them.  Tigre loves the toys that you can swing back and forth.  He flips out over them.  While Maizy has no patience for them she loves the laser part.  I love the bright colors. Like all laser pointers DO NOT shine it into anyone’s eyes.  Again this wasn’t quite as durable as I would like and the end had come off.  Fortunately with a few knots I was able to fix it up good as new.


I think this toy is super super cute!  Unfourtunately my cats don’t care much for toys, cotton balls, craft pom poms and hair ties sure but actual cat toys they couldn’t be less interested.  But I just sprayed a little of the smartykat catnip spray and Tigre was all over it. I do think it’s to big for the kind of playing they like.

Over all I like the brand smartykats. I’ve tried a few of their things and they were all great.  Especially the catnip spray! What’s your favorite cat products?

This was all about cat product, if your looking for products for your dog check out dogproductpicker.com/

*this is a sponsored link.

Product review Pixel Nail polish*

Hey guys,

So I am back with another review.  A while back I got in touch with a brand called Pixel, and they agreed to send me some products to try, review and feature. So I thought I would use today to talk to you about their nail polishes.

I’ve never gotten my nails done at a salon. I mean I did once to get acrylics done, but that’s it.  I refuse to pay for something I can do for free.  Now I’m not great at nail art, but I can paint my nails a solid color just as well as a salon.  Plus if you get nail polish on your fingers, you can scrub it right off with warm water.

I’ve always loved painting my nails.  When I was younger I used to change my nail color everyday.  I’ve calmed down a bit and only change it every couple of days.  Since I go through a lot of nail polish I look for affordable but good nail polish.

Pixel has so many amazing colors at an amazing price. To go with such an amazing price, this nail polish lasts. I painted my nails about a week ago and they held up so well.  There were a few chips in a couple of my nails, but I still struggle with a nail biting habit.  There’s that and I had acrylics on and took them off a week before. Which left my nails very weak.

Pixel is a pretty new brand they launched in August of 2016.  I love this brand, they sell good products, at affordable prices.  They are an inclusive brand, trying to fufill multi-ethnic, multi-generational, cosmetic needs by delivering innovative, delightful products at a great value.  They are about empowering all women, celebrating women and their independent lives by building inner and outer confidence through new colors, new looks, new products, one pixel at a time.  You should definitely try them out, you can find them online at pixelcosmetics.com or I found them originally at k-mart.  Also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

 *Products were sent to me by Pixel for an honest review