Summer Favorites

I have to accept it, summer is officially over.  It’s only been a few days and I am missing it already.  So as one last good by to my happiest seasons ever I thought I would share with you some of my Summer favorites.


It’s no secret that I love the beach. I will literally sit refreshing the weather app waiting for it hit beach weather then we’re off. The beach is the only place where crowds don’t completly overwhelm me.  Nothing seems to be too bad when I’m there. When you spend as much time at the beach as I do it’s best to stick up on towels – unless you wanna do laundry everyday.   Check out these from fabricdome*.

Mama Mia: Here we go again

I’ve actually gone to the movie theater more then ever. I think other then this summer the last time I’d gone to the movies was when I went to see Alligent like two years ago. I’d had such a panic attack that I don’t even remember anything about the movies. I can’t really handle the dark or crowds so when you put the two together it can get a bit difficult. This year I went a few times with my niece and nephew. We’d seen The Incredibles 2, and Hotel Transylvania 3. They were both great but Mama Mia was the best. I had never been so happy at the movies. I’ve literally had the songs stuck inside my head for weeks now. The DVD release can’t come soon enough.

Wilde Like Me

So I don’t have as much time for reading as I’d like, and I know I am a year late on this book. But it is amazing. I am loving how strong Robin Wilde is. Not only is she strong, but she is so relatable. Louise Pentland wrote an amazing novel. I can’t wait to continue the story in Wilde about the girl.


On the topic of books Scibed has been a fantastic app. Think Netflix but with books. As much as I love physical books, having them all on my phone is the most convenient thing. I still don’t have as much time as I’d like got reading but with this app i can get a bit in any time. Waiting in the drive-thru? Open SCRIBED! On the bus, nap time, waiting for the pre-k kiddos to be released, I know I’ll be on the app reading. Although I think the best feature this app has is, audio books. For when my hands are busy


This metal mermaid is the first piece of “art-work” that I’ve bought. that’s right, I’m a proper adult now. I’d seen this at an art show, it was originally meant for a garden. I was so lucky when I found that they were willing to make a special one with out the stick so I can put it with my room.

This cup, I know it’s kind of silly to put a cup in my favorites but have you ever gotten a slushy in the summer and it’s melted in 10 minutes? Thanks to this cup mine will last for several hours.

Ok so I think it might be a bit of an understatement to say that mermaids are a favorite. It’s also not only been a favorite for this summer.

*This is a sponsored link. This brand is very similar to the towel I always bring with me to the beach

Summer Essentials

Hey guys,

Summer is my favorite time of the year, and since we’re finally experiencing summer weather, I want to talk about my summer essentials.  You know those products that you need to make it the best summer yet.  These are just some products that make summer easier
The first, and in my opinion the more important is sunscreen.  I am obsessed with sunscreen and carry several different ones from continuous sprays to lotions, and from SPF 4-50.  It’s pretty obvious why sunscreen is important. Between painful sunburns, aging skin prematurely, and raising the risk skin cancer sunscreen is definitely as must have product.  My favorite is this one from Hawaiian Tropic; it weightless, smells amazing, and doesn’t leave the oily greasy feeling like others do.  Plus this has added moisturizer so it keeps your skin hydrated while protecting it from the suns harmful rays.Dry Shampoo, you might wonder why I think of this as a summer essential and not just an everyday favorite item. During the summer, it gets humid, hot and sweaty, which means my hair gets greasy fast. Like by the end of the day (especially if I am at the beach that day) it looks like I haven’t showered in a week.  I’ve tried a few different dry hair shampoos and I didn’t like them, I could never get them to work properly. Until I’d tried Batiste Dry-Hair Shampoo, it’s a real life saver if you over slept and don’t have time to wash your hair.
WaterProof Mascara the best beach beauty product ever! I’ve gotten to the point to where -most days- I’m comfortable going out with out makeup. However I look like I’m dying when I am not wearing any makeup, so a little bit of mascara makes a big difference.  The only problem, is I don’t like waterproof mascara.  It always makes my eyes itchy and my lashes feel weird.  This one from NYX is amazing! It makes my lashes look long and natural.  It didn’t leave my lashes itchy, or sticky and was completely waterproof.
Since summer gets so hot humid and sweaty, the last thing I want to do is cake my face with a bunch of foundation.  Which is why tinted moisturizer is on my list of summer essentials.  This one from Cover Girl is my favorite.  It isn’t full coverage but it’s enough to even out your skin tone, and give something for my concealer blend with.  It also has a sunscreen and moisturizer as well.  I definitely recommend this.

In my last post I said I wanted to start featuring other bloggers, because who doesn’t want a little support.  The first blogger I am featuring is Natalie from  Her blog is amazing! It’s full of anything a beauty lover would want to read about.

I do want to keep featuring you guys, because if nothing else I am loving getting to read so many amazing blogs.  So if you want to be next weeks “featured blogger” the make sure you link your blog with your comment.


#beautiesonfire Summer look

Hello everybody.  I’m back with another #beautiesonfire collab post again.  If you don’t know we are a group of 20+ Beauty and Fashion Bloggers writing themed posts and supporting each other. I am having such a great time with this collab, writing for something, and reading everyone’s posts.

This weeks theme is Summer Styles. I know I’ve already posted a summer look so you can see that Here if you wanted. Bof summer look cover

bof summer look 3


  • Pixel Triple Boost Gel Foundation– This has been my go to foundation for a while, and I just love how light weight it is, the coverage, and as a bonus it’s super easy to wash off of my brush.
  • E.L.F Eye Primer Using my fingers I apply this to my eyelids and it keeps my eyeshadow in place and prevents it from creasing.
  • Wet n Wild color icon kohl liner pencil-I lined my waterline with this before doing eyeshadow, so that I can blend it into my lower lash line. But I didn’t go too heavy with it as I didn’t want it to smudge all over the place.
  • Urban Decay eyeshade-In the color fireball. This is a peachy pink eye shadow and I am loving it. I got it in an ipsy bag I think from june. The color is gorgeous and light, and kind of bright, which makes is so perfect for this summer look. I blended this all over my eyelid
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony-In the color Matt Kumar. I got this in this months ipsy bag, and I’m loving the burgundy color. I just popped this throughout my crease.
  • Pixel Party Proof Liquid liner-Yep I’m still loving this too. Mostly I love that it’s like a brush rather then a felt tip. It’s become my go to eyeliner
  • Pixel Concealer- its a gel concealer, with great coverage.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit I used the color___. This highlight is amazing, and it looks so pretty.
  • Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks– I received this in my ipsy bag earlier this month, it’s a great peachy pink color.
  • Hikari Bronzer-In the color radiate. I use this like every day, just brush it all over and this blend of four colors create a gorgeous bronze glow.
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder-in the color Translucent. I love using this powder to set my makeup.
  • Paris Hilton Extreme Volume Mascara- I can’t find this online, so I kind of think it’s super old. I was distracted by the pink box, but this is good when you want a more subtle look.
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor– in the color Flirtation. This lipcolor is the best I’ve ever tried. It lasts for hours, the color is amazing, and it smells so good.
  • NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray Because anything to keep makeup in place during the summer.

This post is a part of The #beautiesonfire collab.Beauties on Fire Logo




Camp Little Victors Week 2

Camp Little Victors is an online summer camp.   put on by C.S Mott Children’s Hospital.  They send an email on Monday with four activities for them to do during the week for the kids to earn badges. Food and Recipes,  Fitness and Motor Skills, Science and Math, and Arts and Crafts.  We’re having so much fun participating in this.

For Arts & Crafts we did Tape Painting.  I bought some finger paints, tape and small poster boards for this project.  I used this painters tape to create a border, then stuck random strips of tape across the board. Then I told the kids that I wanted them to just cover the boards, that I didn’t want to see any white left.  Once they were done I removed all of the tape.  It’s so much easier to do while the paint is still wet, because the dry paint will not stick to the tape and that’ll just make a mess on the white spots.  I love the way these turned out. I just need to finish clearing the walls of the room where the kids sleep and I’m going to put their artwork up in there.Camp little victors w2

For Fitness & Motor Skills we played Fitness Card Frenzy.  I’d seen this done on a youtube video a while back, but never thought to try it out with the kids. but mine, they loved it.  They had a great time drawing the cards and doing the exercises.  We did change out the planks for sit ups, since my kids did not know what planking was and i figured that would be easier to count.

For Food & Recipes we were meant to take Raspberries, and fill them with yogurt. Unfortunately the grocery stores  we had gone to were out of Raspberries  so instead we used strawberries.  But the kids loved it.  They ate them right up and I am happy to find a good snack for them.

For Science & Math we went on a library scavenger hunt.  During the summer  for 6 weeks they put on a show on Tuesdays, so we were already going and I thought it would be the perfect time to do the scavenger hunt. I was wrong, my kids were a bit wound up from the excitement of watching the guy play the spoons, Then to add to it there were tons of kids still there.  We were able to several items off of the list we couldn’t finish.

We’re having such a great time patricipateing in this summer program

ICYMI: Last weeks Camp experience



What’s In My Bag: summer edition

I did a “What’s in my Bag” post a while ago, but now that it’s summer my daily necessities have changed a bit. Which is why I am doing another one, but just with my summer stuff.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI bought a back pack for summer.  A backpack is so much easier to carry than a purse.  So I went and picked this one up from walmart for less then $20.00.  I love this pattern though.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAInside the main part of the bag, I have 4 different types of sunscreen.  For myself I have SPF 15 and SPF 4 I always use 4 on my legs as they never seem to get any sun no matter how long I am out side, and then I’ll use it on the rest of me depending on how hot the sun feels, or how long I’m out side for.  I also carry SPF 15 for the days that I am outside longer, or if the sun feels real hot. For the kids I use SPF 30, This one is just a cheap off brand but works just as well, we spend a lot of time outside, in the sun weather it’s at the park, the beach or my back yard, They’ve never gotten burnt.  I like the continuous spray one as I can just line them up and spray them down.  However, you can’t use the aerosol on their faces, so I also carry a lotion  one too.  In the main part I also keep diaper wipes because you never know when your going to need them, there is also plenty of room for water bottles and a change of clothes if we need them.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe front little pocket is perfect for my makeshift first aid kit. In that I have My niece’s inhaler, and some allergy medicine for her.  She had really bad asthma and allergies it helps to have that on hand.  I’ve also got band aids, and some hand sanitizer.

On one side I have a bottle of bubbles and a toy car, you never know when they’ll get fussy because they’re bored, or you might just want to blow bubbles.

The other side, I have a spare key for my car, because the amount of times I lose my keys or lock them in my car (or worse the trunk) is a bit embarrassing.  I also have a portable phone charger because I want to be able to take pictures of the kids, or I need the parents to be able to get ahold of me.

What sort of things do you carry for summer?