That Beauty Blogger Question thing

So I had a post written up about childhood idols, but I feel like it needs a lot more work.  I struggle so much when posting something personal.  Mostly I just post about make up or skin care stuff, and things I consider “Safe” or unimportant. So I have that saved in drafts for another time, but I still wanted to post something, so I looked around and to a bunch of questions, from a few different Beauty related question things.

  1. What’s your favorite makeup brand?
    I think my favorite would be Rimmel London.  Except, for eye shadow, I love NYX.
  2.  Name any one makeup product that you cannot live without.
    I would have to choose Mascara, because with out it I look like I am dying.
  3.  Would you rather put on makeup by yourself Get it done professionally?
    I would rather do it my self. I’ve had it done at a salon once and I wasn’t that impressed, plus I can’t handle having things come at my face,  even when my niece tries to put makeup on me I back away a lot.
  4. If you had to choose between high heels and flats, which one would it be?
    High heels! Every Time…
  5. How do you keep your hair and scalp healthy?
    I use OGX organix, or Haask Shampoo and conditioner, which has worked miracles for my hair,  I never out grew that “cradle cap” that babies get.  like it wasn’t just dandrif, because no matter often I used head & Shoulders it wouldn’t help.  but then it could just be my fussy skin type reacting to some of the chemicals used in normal shampoos, but since I switched I haven’t had any problems with it.  Also Argon Oil is amazing for hair, since using it my hair is shiner, and the ends are smoother.
  6. How do you get rid of undereye circles?
    OZ Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel in the mornings, and Valentia True Glow Eye Cream at night. Also water and sleep help.
  7. How can you stop eyeliner from smearing?
    I don’t line my bottom waterline, just the top and when you blink some will transfer to the bottom, then using the Real Techniques accent brush, I carefully go over it with black eyeshadow,  and finish with makeup setting spray by NYX
  8. Who is your favorite beauty blogger?
    There were two that I really like Zoella, and Tanya Burr… I first found them on youtube.
  9. What is your favorite Summer beauty product?
    Sunscreen.  First it’s important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, and second I love the way it smells.
  10. What are you looking forward to this Summer?
    The Sunshine… I’m like a flower, with out it I will become droopy, and die…  And the beach, because try to be unhappy and stressed when you’re at the beach.