The 5 things I need when Anxiety attacks!

I can happen anywhere, with or without a “trigger”. Yes, I am talking about anxiety. Right now I’m having a very hard time with it.  So I gathered up all of my anxious necessities and thought I could share.  Maybe this post will be helpful, maybe I’m wasting my time.  Most likely no one will care, and that’s ok. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have found some ways to maybe not make the attack stop, but to make it a little easier to deal with.

So I’m going to start by telling you that I don’t know why the panic attack started.  It’s been a simple day for me, I’ve literally sat watching movies all day.  Nothing stressful has happened.  So I don’t have a reason to be struggling right now. But I am,  I mean it’s not like there’s any logic that goes with anxiety.  It’s like Logic stole Anxiety’s boyfriend so now they don’t talk, ever.

Ok, when ever I feel the anxiety creeping in I reach for my Lavender Oil.  I thought it was nonsense when people started using essential oils.  I didn’t believe aromatherapy.  Lavender does so much good for my anxiety.  I don’t know how, but if anxiety was a group of people (because its way too overwhelming to be just one) half of them are busy smelling flowers.  It’s still there but it’s easier.  I run this through my hair, put it on my pillow or blankets, and also run it through a diffuser.

The next thing I reach for is candy, usually skittles.  Really any candy will do, I mostly it’s just sugar, if I’m somewhere where I know I’m going to have a hard time, I will drink regular coke instead of diet.  Sugar makes me super hyper, and I think that’s why it helps.  Or maybe sugar just makes me happy, either way I feel better with candy.

I also like to drink Chamomile Tea.  Chamomile is soothing. I actually don’t drink it much during the summer months.  I can’t get my self to drink hot drinks when it’s hot out.  I also don’t eat ice cream of anything frozen during the cold months. Sometimes, like today, I make an exception.

Cheesy musicals also help.  When my cat died, I watched Pitch Perfect every day, and when that movie ended I watched glee.  Some of my favorites, are Les Miserable, Mama Mia, Pitch Perfect, and Glee.  Music makes every one happy, and I’d rather watch it than just hear it.  If you don’t like musicals then just your favorite movie should work.

The last thing that I need, to help with my anxiety is my cuddly kitties.  I love that despite the fact that Maizy doesn’t always like to cuddle, she’s always close enough to reach.  normally she lies on my pillow up above my head where she likes to play in my hair, there’s nothing more soothing than having your hair played with.  Tigre on the other hand likes to cuddle, he lays across me all of the time.  The funny thing is that when I first got them, they were the opposite. I had to force my affection on Tigre, and Maizy would cuddle, not much but more than she does now.


Do any of you guys, suffer with anxiety issues?  How do you deal with it.">