The lies I believe

Guy, I just finished the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’m not going to lie it was amazing. I’ve never had so much positivity spilled over me in my life and I can’t reccomend it enough. 

I listened to the audio book tohrough the scribed app. Which I totally reccomend. I loved it so much that I went right out to buy the hard copy of this book.

This book has inspired me to think about the lies I believe about myself. The lies that Anxiety shouts at me on a daily basis. 

No one cares

This is the main reason why my blog has been let go a bit. It’s hard to be inspired to create any kind of content. Especially when you’re convinced that no one cares about what you’re creating.  

One way to work around it.  I care. That needs to be enough. I didn’t start blogging for every one else, I did it for me as an attempt to overcome my anxieties. 

You’re annoying them

Ok, this one goes way back. For as long as I can rember I’d convince my self that I’m annoying everyone. In high school if I didn’t get to the lunch table first I wouldn’t go sit down. I would literally see the same group of kids that always sat with me, and I’d go to the empty one next to it. It didn’t matter how many times they’d make me move to join them. It never really clicked that they were my friends and I wasn’t annoying them.

One way to work around it: I remind myself that positive comments are lovely and who knows maybe they’ve had a rough day or someone online has been particularly mean maybe they need something nice said. It’s ok to reach out to friends if your bored, I mean they can’t possibly find you too annoying if you’ve been friends since first grade.

I can’t

I hate “can’t” because can’t is the biggest self fufilling statement ever. There is no reason I can’t be a successful blogger unless I convince myself and quit trying. I mean I’ve proved that I can write better then my slightly dyslexic teenage self who was convinced she would never be a writer. No I don’t have 1 million readers. That’s alright because I only need one. If I can cheer up entertain or help one person then my blog has done its job.

One thing that helped me: One of my favorite quotes that I’ve been clinging to since my teenage MySpace times is “tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I can.” Can’t is the biggest lie I’ve ever believed. I try to change “I can’t” to “I’m struggling with/to.” I find it helps to find and isolate the problem then I can sort it out and do what ever I tried and failed to do in the first place.

Those are just some of the “lies” that I believe and and how I remind myself they don’t have to be. Is there anything you believed as a whole truth when really it’s not? Also please share this with a friend who you’ll think will like it. Now that I’ve finished Girl Wash Your Face I went out a bought Girl, Stop Apologizing. I’m about 4 chapters in and I’m feeling so inspired to do great things.



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