The sun damages your hair!?

Guys. I’ve learned something that broke my heart. The sun damages your hair! -insert a thousand broken heart emojis. – I knew that the sun could hurt your eyes and your skins but never would I have thought it would damage your hair. If I had to pick my favorite physical thing about myself it would be my hair. I mean it is the most low maintenance thing about me! If it gets too damaged I’m going to need to put more time and effort into it. Yes my fear is stemmed from laziness.

What happens when the sun damages hair?

Xojohnnielynn sun bleaches hair

So the sun can have the same effect as bleach. That’s why it lightens your hair color. I knew that the sun lightens hair color. Mine always goes from light brown to bright blonde.(above photo is me in April vs September) I’d just never really put too much thought into it. I just assumed it was similar to how colors fade with long exposure to the sun. I didn’t know that while the you’re getting fun Beachy blond hair, the sun is also drying it out. When your hair gets dried out that often leads to breakage and as we all know no one likes split ends.


Xojohnnielynn, hat, protect hair.

So the best option is to protect your hair and prevent the damage in the first place. Now they don’t make a sunscreen for your hair -please some one do this. The obvious way is, like protecting your skin, you should avoid long exposure to direct sunlight. Wearing a hat helps too. It will also help to spend less time outside when the sun is the hottest, between 10 and 2. My hairspray offers some protection from the uva/b rays (which is why I thought to google in the first place.)

Repair and Rehydrate!

Right. So if you are anything like me you’ve probably spend all day all week at the beach or just out in the sun. Your best option is to use a deep conditioner or a hydrating hair mask. This way you can rehydrate before breakage happens. I like this one. I’ve also been styling it using this Amika first base moisturizing styling cream to rehydrate my hair. Drinking lots of water can help rehydrate as well.

I don’t know about you but I’m not going to avoid the sun. It’s the source of too much of my happiness so I’m going to focus more on repairing and rehydrating. What do you do, if anything, to protect your hair from the sun?

Xojohnnielynn, sun damages hair