They Wrote a book!

Preschool ended a few weeks ago, which meant I needed to find activities for them to do.  While they were in school, I missed so much time with them seeing as they were in school for most of the morning then asleep most of the afternoon, so when they were up we just played.  But now that I get them all day every day I need more directed activities other wise they bicker too much.

One of the things they like to do is tell stories.  Weather it’s me telling them the story of little red riding hood, or them just making it up as they go along.  They even like to play that game where each person tells one line of a story.  We’ve made up so many stories since then.  The other day, it was particularly gloomy out, while we were coloring we decided to make up a story.

The Two Lost Crabs

    One day Luke and Sharon were building sand castles, when they got pinched by some crabs.

    The crabs had lost their mom and dad.  Luke and Sharon will help them look.

    First they checked a dark cave. But Mommy Crab and Daddy Crab weren’t in there.

    Next they looked under a beach blanket.  But Mommy Crab and Daddy Crab weren’t in there.

    Then they checked the sea.  Finally!  They found Mommy Crab and Daddy Crab.

I let the kids make up the story, and draw the pictures.  All I did was write it down.  Then I hole punched the papers, and hooked them together with paper clips.  The kids are very proud of this book, I think I have read this to them for their nap time story a few times.

Making up stories is an amazing way to encourage their creativity, plus it’s tons of fun.  I love listening to find out what they come up with.

Xo Johnnielynn