Think spring| #beautiesonfire

Hey guys
Welcome back, to another collab post for the #beautiesonefire group. This month’s theme is “a spring in your step” and here is a list of the things about spring that definitely put a spring in to my step.

☀️ The sun! I miss the sun so much during the winter and fall moths. Near the end of January and February it really starts to bring me down with how little the suns out.

☀️Warmer weather. With more sunshine comes more heat. So I spend more time out side.

☀️ The snow melts away. Most of the time I hate the snow. I mean yeah it’s really pretty and I love when it’s snowing. But the stuff that sticks to the ground and gets everything wet or slushy, I don’t like it at all.

☀️ The flowers start to bloom and the leaves grow back and everything just looks so alive and happy.

Check out my video for a perfect for spring markup look. 😉

Spring makeup look

I love spring and I am so glad that it’s finally coming around. The official start isn’t until March 20th but we can pretend it’s spring now. I think the only thing I like better then spring is summer. I definitely can’t wait for beach days!

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