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Valentines Treats.

It’s the last work day before valentines day so I made the kids brownies. I decorated them to look like conversation hearts, which are the best thing about valentines day.Brownies.pngI made Brownies for the kids using the same recipe as the Peppermint Brownies except I doubled it and baked it on a cookie sheet.

I cut them into hearts with a cookie cutter.  I had to search all over to find a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I had one, but I must have lost it. So after dropping the little ones off at school, I went to three different stores looking for them and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t have time to check anywhere else before I had to be back for their valentines party at school.  I did find one after picking up the big girls but it wasn’t very good and lost it’s shape but it worked.

To decorate them I wanted to use colored chocolates.  I thought it would be easy enough to just put food coloring in white chocolate but that made it way more difficult to use.  It seemed to make the chocolate too thick to use, and I ended up popping the piping bag that I was using. I would suggest that you just buy the colored chocolates.

Valentines cakes
I did something similar using cake, and frosting, which was a lot easier to do. I think these came out looking a bit better, as frosting is so much easier to work with.